10 great things you should experience in Ba Na hill (part 2)

6. Virtual life in the sparkling French village

Taking ideal from a trip around France with impressive points imbued by European style in 19th century, the French village has 32 buildings on the area of 21,000 m2 plus with perfect landscape, huge square, antique church, etc... The French village is really the re-constitution of the vivid France in its contemporary but still romantic, opulent and sophisticated. Perfect place for selfie tourist who would like to save the memory of amazing Da Nang day tours

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7. Enjoy tea ceremony at Trú Vũ Trà Quán restaurant

The space in Trú Vũ Trà Quán is decorated in a simple but subtle style. It has special door system that can be opened or closed by the command of guests. Thanks to the design that combining wall with glass partition that create an open air closing to the nature. Even you are sitting indoor, but you still have a fantastic view on the primeval forests ahead, or the beautiful sky with blue clouds in the gentle Zen music. In the other side, you have a chance to enjoy the traditional food with local taste

8. Reveal Tóc Tiên waterfall from high altitude

When the cable car pass through Toc Tien station in Ba Na hill, the whole view of magnificent Toc Trên waterfalls run fast with dazzlingly white spume that would make wonderful photos According to legend, in the old past, the fairies from the heaven forgot to fly back to heaven after coming there, hence, their beautiful hairs become the grandiose Toc Tien water fall.

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9. Mo Stream

At the base of the Ba Na Mountain, about 30 kilometres west of Da NangMo Stream is another attraction worth a visit, typically in combination with a trek up the mountain. The pristine stream lures people by its natural landscape. The most striking feature is the harmony of stream and cliffs in nature. Coming here, you can take the greatest pleasure of swimming in the cool water as the fairy in the legend who use to be swim on this stream touching the life on the earth.

10. Swim in an artificial pond

Located in Mercue hotel – a grandiose luxurious castle belonging to the French village complex, there is a special swimming pond. This swimming pond was designed to simulate the style of European aristocrat in the past time. Therefore, it is the unique feature of Mercure hotel. Swimming there is not only an entertainment but also an experience feel like you are swimming in a heaven.

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