5 delicious disks should not miss in Halong Bay

Bún và bánh đa hải sản (seafood vermicelli and rice pancake) 

In recent times, the seafood vermicelli is so popular in many restaurants in Hanoi. However, it would be more delicious if you try this dish in Halong to get a totally different feeling from what you have in Hanoi. The seafood vermicelli and rice pancake are very suitable for breakfast. With only 2 or 3 usd, you will have a delicious bowl of seafood vermicelli, filled by shrimp, ghẹ or cu ky (type of scrab), be be, fried fish. Moreover, when eat with herbs and vegetables, special cloth, they make a very good flavor that you can find no where in Hanoi. 


Sam (horseshoe crab) 

In the past time, the horseshoe crab was not used much as food. But nowadays, people have process it into delicious food and surprisingly, it become the specialties in Halong. Horseshoe crabs do not appear in every beaches, and when eat this type of crab, you should have two instead of one crab (to avoid chill on your stomach or allergy. Sam is cook in various dishes like: sweet sour Sam, grilled chopped Sam, egg Sam, etc. You can go to a famous restaurant in Halong in No. 6 Cao Thang street to enjoy this food best with about 7 ~ 10 usd/dish.

Cháo trai (Clam soup) 

Clam soup is a very famous nosh dish in Halong. The cook will make the soup both viscous and smooth to serve with clam taken from the sea, not like the clam taken from ponds in Hanoi. Cam soup must be served with green onion, chopped eryngo, and “quẩy” to make it more aromatic. It takes only 1 usd in normally for a bowl of clam soup in Halong.

Ốc xào (fried snailed)

Fried snaile in halong is a must-have dish when you arrive at Halong. You can find fried snail everywhere, from the street food to the luxurious restaurants. Interestingly that fried snail win a lot of affection from foreign tourists even at their first try on this dish. You can choose snail to be fried with coconut or with tamarind, citronella, etc with only about 1-2 usd/dish. As you know, with abundant of snail types there, you would enjoy plenty fried snails until you are satisfied. Cao Xanh market and Bai Chay market are the most popular spots where sea snails are supposed to be sold with the best quality. Wandering around Bai Chay, which is crowded with people eating on the sidewalks, every one can see a panel with the title: “Ha Long snail super market” that excitingly catches visitors’ eyes. Having a look through the restaurants’ menus, visitors would surely be surprised at the diversity of sea snails here.

Chả mực giã tay (Squid-sausages)

Ha Long is also famous for squid-sausages, which is told to be delicious and fragrant only when processed by restaurants here. The food is a fusion of hashed squid and mysterious spices that only the chefs know, molded into round pieces and then fried in boiling oil. This special dish can be found anywhere along the shore from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong, but nowhere has the same level of deliciousness like in Ha Long. The diversity of shrimps, from the luxurious one like lobsters to the other common shrimps, is another outstanding feature of cuisine in Ha Long. To many local people, a dish of streamed shrimps, served with lemonadized salt and a dish of freshly spicy vegetables, is an ideal meal for a joyful friendly union. You can have it with banh cuon (steamed rolled rice pancake).

So, whenever visiting any tourism destination in any country in the world, so not forget to spend a considerable amount of time exploring and enjoying the wild wonders of cuisines there.