A simple beauty of Chuong Conical hat village

When taking part Hanoi travel to this craft village, you may hear the villagers sing a folk-song:

 “If you want to eat white rice with catfish, want to wear a good conical hat, you should come to Chuong village”

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The conical hat of Chuong village has appeared in the fork-song long time ago, thanks to its tradition of making conical hat of more than 300 years. In the past time, Chuong village produced many types of hat for people of all levels and genders like: Non ba tam for young woman, non nho, non long, non dau, non chop for young men and gentle men. However, since 1940 till now, the villagers here make only one most popular conical hat.

The Chuong villagers do not know their ancestor of making conical hat. Just according to the legend, the white conical hat of Chuong village often were presented to the royal members like the Queen, and Princess. Hundred years have been passing, but the image of conical hat still attached to the grateful Vietnamese girls and women. You can combine your hanoi day trips of visiting this village together with your trip to Bat Trang ceramic village for a full day tour in Hanoi. Surely you will finish your tour with lots of interesting experience, including your quite good skill of making the conical hat – the typical things of Vietnamese people.

To get here, you should go on the 4, 10, 14, 20, 24 and 30 of moon calendar every month. Not only see they selling white conical hat, we will take you to the local host to see how they make a normal conical hat. It’s lovely to sit down on the small chair and look out the yard full of “Coi leaves” being dried under the sunlight to make it become a durable material. Next is to prepare a “Coi circle” from sharpen the bamboo into slender cord and bend it into basic circle. And then, can you believe that the craftsman will add more extra 16 layers of “Coi leaves” on this circle. And when the hat is finished, they will fasten a pink silk inside as “quai non”. It’s great experience for your Hanoi day tours