A very quite Hoa Phong Tower in the side of Hoan Kiem Lake

Across the road from the Post Office, Hoa Phong Tower strongly stands near the corner of  Hoan Kiem Lake and it was there for over 200 years. It's the typical historical witness of the up and down of Hanoi from war to peaceful. Hoa Phong Tower was the gate to a much more bigger pagoda, name Lien Tri ( or Pond of Lotus ). This is one of many places in Hanoi where brides come for their pre-wedding photos or even locals in their best clothes. When French army invaded, they pulled down all the pagoda, only the gate, now is called Hoa Phong

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Hoa Phong tower is the last trademark of  Bao An pagoda 

Bao An pagoda is constructed under Hanoi General Nguyen Dang Giai who took responsible call for money to build the pagoda in 1842. Bao An Pagoda on the floor of the old Five Dragons (Trinh Giang built in 1740). The pagoda was also called Lien Tri pagoda, surrounded by water dig, lotus fully covered the moat surface. The Hoa Phong tower is the last trademark of  Bao An pagoda under Hanoi General Nguyen Dang Giai who took responsible call for compensating build the pagoda in 1842.

                                                             Image: The first version of Hoa Phong Tower

It took 4 years to complete finished this historical relic. After the French colonialists occupied Hanoi (1883), they immediately constructed streets, Dinh Tien Hoang Street is one of the first one to be opened. In 1882, Bao An pagoda was spoiled to build the Post Office and governor of Tonkin’s residence at the back. now it becomes the Government Guest House. But they still left a temple door in front of the Post Office and a tower after the pagoda named Hoa Phong tower. In 1898,  they destroyed the temple gate and the only the tower remaining.

Hoa Phong tower is witness of the Hanoi top and down

The tower is in a square shape and its name with meaning that 4 seasons favorable wind because four doors look out four distinct directions.  It still keeps Hanoi Church architect style with unicorns stand on the corner columns. The upper part of the tower is narrower the rest and the four roofs structure a gourd, symbolizing the sky in miniature. Bricks from the famous Bat Trang pottery village were used in the second layer. Bao An pagoda was built on a large scale of about 360,000 square meters.

Haven’t you always wondered what that was while strolling in around Sword Lake? It is so old and really Small as well. It is Hoa Phong Tower. Year by year, with its, exist Hoa Phong Tower witness the Hanoi participatory urban upgrading from trouble in the war to Doi Moi Period (foreign trading constituted the primacy of the planned economy). It still has the long lifetime in Hanoi daily as the precious historical evidence.