A wonderful trip in Da Nang traditional craft village

Besides the beautiful scenery, fresh air, clean roads clear, peaceful people; Da Nang City attract tourist for many charming traditional villages are still keeping the soul of its typical and unique.

Non Nuoc stone carving village

Non Nuoc stone carving village is a typical and unique craft village to the south of Da Nang city. Here you will have an opportunity to explore a local craft village and watch skillful carvers creating their beautiful sculpture. Tourists will be enraptured by pretty exquisite sculptures made from stone. Each piece of work expresses the skill and sophistication of artist.

Coming here, tourists will comfortably sightsee a variety of product categories, from Buddha statues, human statues, statues of Vietnam celebrities to decorative household products such as ashtrays, toothpick canister, millstone; jewelry such as bracelets, rings, neck strap. All sample are precise and extremely crafty carved

Hoa Son split stone villages

Surrounded by a vibrant workshop for making more than 150 establishments making, over 1000 employees are required hard working day after day in dark hardy dust atmosphere and the sounds German bustling, carved, stone cutters 

More than 10 years ago, Hoa Son split stone village is formed along an associated Hoa Son, Hoa Nhon Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. Overall, their diligently bring them peace wages, gradually helped the people here get out of poverty.

Tuy Loan pancake villages

Tuy Loan ancient village is next to a river flowing into the Han River and belongs to Hoa Phong Commune, Hoa Vang District, a central Da Nang City. 

The main produces grilled “banh trang” which has a round shape and a diameter of approximately 50cm.  Tuy Loan “banh trang” is thicker than “banh trang” made in other places.  It is well-known throughout the country for its qualities which are highly appreciated 

Quang Chau dry sesame cookie village

Making from rice, sticky rice, sesame, and sugar, on the occasion of the festival, the Lunar New Year, Quang Chau dry sesame cookie is used to worship ancestors.

There are two main types of bread: Dry blasting and sesame with the same materials: glutinous rice flour, only the external coat, dry powder explosive vest with sticky, dry sesame around is covered sesame seeds Sesame near Hue. Frankly, sesame dry for just the more advanced version of dry blasting thus is capable of becoming Danang specialty

Nam O fish sauce villages

Located in in Hoa Hiep ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Nam O fish sauce villages were formed in the beginning of 20th century. It is small fishing village located at the mouth of the Cu De River, at the foot of the Hai Van Pass. Nam O fish sauce has the great reputation in both domestic market and abroad as well.

The traveler passed by here to taste the smell of fish sauce was unmistakableAs many other famous traditional village, Nam O fish brand because of its own recipe. Nam O fish sauce made from anchovies coal, caught at 3rd lunar month (because there is a very high protein). Price anchovies usually about 2,500 to 3,000 VND for a kilogram, anchovies coal in South Nam O up to VND 6,000 per kilograms. Today, the Nam O fish sauce traditional village has been governed by the Department of Intellectual