Activities should try when taking part Hanoi Tours- P2

Participate in the flag lowering ceremony  at Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

If you could not get up early to witness the flag ritual, tourist could  join daily lowering the flag in the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum at 9pm. This is a sacred ritual which is expected by domestic and foreign tourists, even by local people. Activities at Ba Dinh Square are stopped when loudspeakers begin to notice preparing of the flag lowering ceremony. The National flag will be lowered by a troop of 34 soldiers marched from the right side of Mausoleum with the  music "Uncle still marching along with us” Many tourists visiting from Hanoi tours who  was surprised to witness so many people around that flag stood are watching the flag is slowly lowered.


Hanoi sky view tours

Tourists who visiting Hanoi day tours, should not forget to find a convenient location to see the city from above. This is not new, but it always bring the pleasant surprise to everyone. Depending on the time or location of choice that visitors can observe the city during the day or evening. My advice is trying both at the same time period on a location to see the differences.

Long Bien Bridge walk

Not  only crossing the Red River, Long Bien Bridge is historical witness of Hanoi, many tourists visited it in Hanoi day tours. This bridge was built in 1898 with 3 lanes, separate lanes for trains between back and forth. Bringing an ancient look and impressive architecture. During Hanoi tours, tourists should try to walk on the bridge in the early morning or late afternoon . That would be an interesting experience and hard to forget.

Hanoi city tour by night

Daytime is a vibrant and bustling Hanoi city , but the night was the complete opposite picture. The daytime streets of the colorful shops are replaced by the silent, the noisy center also seems to put on a rare calm. Visitors can walk along the streets, that previously still busy to enjoy another dimension of Hanoi tours.

Hanoi tours by motorbike

The perfect trip to join Hanoi tours is by motorbike, you would have experience  unique Hanoi  life style more than you imagine about Hanoi tours. Tour by motorcycle you’ve got closer feeling of Hanoi from the past to the future. Riding on motorbike will give you alook of local people and experience as local emotion of Hanoian. During Hanoi tours you could ride travel around Hanoi with most of famous tourist site of Hanoi..

 Here is the tips and experiences from local expert about Hanoi tours, we do hope you could get some unique ideas about how to travel in Hanoi as Hanoian thinking and feeling about their capital . Apro travel would pleasure to received your feedback for our better experience and activities to tourist.

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