Activities should try when taking part Hanoi Tours

Early morning Walk around Hoan Kiem Lake

Early morning excerise around Sword Lake, visitors not only see the gentle beauty, tranquility of nature, but also to learn the  habit of Hanoian exercise, regardless of winter or summer.  Tourists could walk along the lake to enjoy the fresh air, cool or resting on a stone chair to observe, and even join in the Tai Chi group, erobic ...

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Shopping early morning market

Quang Ba flower market and the Long Bien wholesale market is two places which tourists should visit once tour in Hanoi. Main products here are flowers and food. The market is open almost all night. Visit these two markets, not only with the buyers, the sellers, but also a lot of visitors who want to find for themself a different perspective on a special culture in the Hanoi daily life style.

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Hanoi food street tours

Hanoi is famous for street food and street tea/cafe. Whoever go on Hanoi tours will be surprised by plentiful kind of food here, from Vietnamese flavor Pho to fermented pork dish, cheese sticks, sugarcane juice, and even the dishes that made the soul of Capital,  Thanh Tri rolled rice pancake... join Hanoi tours at any time of the year, visitors can look for their good food. Be observant to find seasonal delicacies to feel the full culinary on the sidewalk.

Walking Hanoi tours around the old town

Hanoi Old Quarter is an attractive place for many visitors. Although the checkerboard design, parallel streets perpendicular to each other, but not everyone can easily find their way  out of this a "maze". Walking around the narrow and crowded streets or visiting the shops tucked away deep in the alleys will be pleasant experience for any visitor doing Hanoi day tour.

Enjoy  West Lake sunset

Located in the northwest of Hanoi, West Lake is a tourist destination rather attractive tourists. Many people often look for  specialty only in this place but also many tourists who come into the large space so placidly. Especially when the afternoon, West Lake becoming fanciful in orange color on the horizon. Visitors can stop to save the picture with impressive memories.

Hanoi day tours by Bus

In addition, the tram and cyclo's next vehicles which is city bus that travelers should try once visitting in Hanoi day tours. Not only good at cheap cost, but the bus was intrigued by the over enough routes, passing most famous tourist site of Ha Noi city tour activities. With two main colors are red and yellow, the bus can also contribute to highlight the tourism images of each person.

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Here is the tips and experiences you should visit when traveling in Hanoi tours. Apro are looking forward to get the comments of travelers to be more complete article.