AO show Saigon: a snapshot of Vietnamese culture

Saigon is a great place to see live performances. Many traveler always thought of it as a place to visit mainly for the historical relic. Nope! Once again, Saigon  proved us wrong. The AO Show Saigon is an interesting mix of the new and the old, combining elements of Vietnamese music, dance and Cirque du Soleil. A O Show & Saigon Sightseeing Tour is the right choice to discover the blend of Saigon culture.

                                                 AO Show hold in Saigon Opera House

As it turned out, nothing was giving away for free. Instead, there was a performance of the AO Show that is one of the most popular attractions on . It is true to say the AO Show is every bit as exciting as any Cirque du Soleil Show. In fact There is a lot more creativity behind this show, because without a large budget, AO Show’s organizers manage to put together an hour of entertainment by using mainly – bamboo, an unseemingly versatile theater prop. The creative director of the AO Show is Mr. Tuan Le – a Vietnamese guy who moved to Germany at a very young age. His creativity and passion for theater & arts put him in different spots in his life, where he got the opportunity to be part of a Broadway show, among other renamed shows around Europe & America.

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AO Show brilliantly depicts the charming beauty that Vietnam is known for, the richness of its culture through its eventual and inevitable urbanization. The show is a perfect mix of athleticism, acrobatic acts, theatricality visual drama. Live traditional music which echoes the Southern work songs, scenic and lighting design makes the AO Show, which is performed at 115-Year-old historic, Saigon Opera House, worth seeing when you visit Ho Chi Minh City

Unlike many other shows, that have a story line from beginning to end, the AO Show has no script or story. But the way it is like an incredible snapshot of the Vietnamese people and  heritage. It’s the better way to present the life of the villagers than the way they presented it. Also, it is a cultural awakening of the beauty of Vietnam!Over and over again during the show of the remarkably inventive and creative uses of bamboo, woven baskets and woven bamboo basket boats. These simple, natural materials were used in acrobatics, balancing acts, story telling, and motif scenes. A O Show ( À Ố Show) is  cultural gem of traditional music, acrobatics, dance and athletic ability all done with incredible enthusiasm by the performers

They were used to depict many objects such as boats, bridges, frisbees and even an entire apartment building. Some of the funniest scenes were those in which the performers acted out animal scenes with these props – as crabs and ducks. Throughout the show, you’ll also get to hear a mix of extreme sounds from soft and soothing traditional music, to loud sounds of the heavy drums, electric guitars and the unique traffic noise that makes Vietnam different from any other country around the world.