Ba Hang Floating Fishing village – tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay

Ba Hang Village is a small floating village located in the proximity well-known three caves of Thien Cung Grotto (Heaven Grotto), Dau Go Grotto. The Village is one of the familiar spots of Ha long Bay's tour operators to stop and let visitors witness another side of Ha Long Bay lifestyle

Ba Hang Village, more or less 50 families with the population of around 200 – 600 people., has been living on fishing and only provide kayaking service, rowing boat, buoy rescue and some of the relative tourist facilities. The Ba Hang Floating Fishing village is home to many generations and most of its residents never leave, but grow up and stay here, where they are born. Children are born and surviving by learning to swim and help their parents as a fisher in daily or seller in tourist season. Living on the boat means their daily lives associated with the rising and falling of the tides while being sheltered by the imposing limestones...


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The local villagers are the original inhabitants of Ha long Bay who have lived on the sea for several generations. They have created a diverse culture of fishing and living. In the peaceful atmosphere of the fishing village, tourists will be welcomed with fresh seafood and folksong performance (in Vietnamese: “hat gheo” or “hat cheo duong”). The local people are simple and honest, they often go out with the small boat for fishing or some they do fishing by net, trap, cage. They eat a lot of seafood, almost ever sea creature is brought to sell or take it come back the sea. Because of slow demands, they don’t need too much money. all member live on the small tank and keep rain water there for washing, face, cooking. they need to save fresh water. As most of the rock islands in Ha Long Bay are too poor to be cultivated, daily life in the village is very hard and poor, even though, they often start the work in the early morning and sell achievement for large boats carrying fresh fish to markets on land. Food and water are imported from the mainland; the main income is from fishing and tourism activities. Therefore, they always take shower by sea water, which reasons for they get the tan skin. If you want to get tan skin, you can come to here and stay here for at best half month you will get it

Coming Ha Long Bay, the traveler could easily transfer to floating village by cruise tour daily. In this cruise tour, you could both visiting floating village and join activities: swimming, kayaking, diving. You should enjoy seafood to be made by local villagers or you can buy drying product and hand-made of local people for friends and family.

Visitors here are seduced by the beautiful fishing village with unique structure – little houses on the water, groups of living house tied together to defend against storms and typhoons, the simple and honest fishermen and the sunburnt faces of the innocent little children. It is absolutely peaceful and charming.