Best central Saigon homestay under VND 500.000 for traveler

Saigon where it is considered a stop of tourists in 1days or more, and then, from Saigon, they will begin the exciting trip to many other Vietnam’s attraction. Recently, in addition to the usual hotel, the guests - especially the foreign visitors - who loved the homestay, lovely hostel opened in Saigon. These places are a very high review on travel forums because it gives the right quality accommodation Saigon.

Town House Sai Gon

Probably, this the homestay chain is the most well known for Saigonese and travel blogger with 3 branches. Travel forums such as TripAdvisor, many West backpack give the praise for this homestay, from its setting to service quality

                                  Town House Sai Gon in the heart of Saigon

Town House as bringing a new definition of residence: Stay home, still warm but no less 1 homestay facilities, luxurious residence of a class. Here you have two choices as dorm rooms with bunk beds, with prices ranging from 245,000 VND per night, double bed private room to be priced from 825,000 VND in 1 night.

The Common Room Project

Located in 80/8 Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, The common Room Project is not a hotel, nor the hostel. Because of its meaningful spirit, that the layout of The Common Room Project no different than a home - where every day you go on about, shopping, cooking.

                                        In front of  the common room project

With the total of 4 rooms with 48 beds dorm and the price is $ 15 / night (about 330 thousand). Each dorm has a bathroom and different layouts. Private areas have a total of 4 rooms. Price is $ 60 / night (over 1 million 3).

The second most popular area in here is the kitchen and terrace. The kitchen is fully equipped with utensils to spice to cooking materials, and all guests will be able to cook. The terrace is open from 6 pm with the bar until 12 pm, is where people play a board game. Each week always held an exchange dinner. Guests will learn how to cook dishes of Vietnam with the staff and then dinner together. Extremely cool!

Prem Bistro dormitory

Located at 129/4 Vo Van Tan, Prem Bistro dormitory residence address that not to be missed in Saigon Tour. Especially, Bistro on the ground floor of the dormitory Prem advantage as cafes, dorm rooms upstairs are neat. Prem dorm room at the bistro prices dormitory around 220.000 for a single bed, including breakfast always offline!

4221 Café & Homestay

4221 Cafe & Homestay is one of the check-in point polar substances that can not be ignored if in the days of the late night or sleeping mammon said looking back.

Room rates at 4221 Café & Homestay for a single bedroom is $ 9 / night (about 200.000), single room for 2 people is $ 21 (more or less 500.000 / night, including breakfast. All services always support for renter