Best experience in Danang Tour

It's true that Da Nang  is a gorgeous city to visit more than other spots in Vietnam and you can experience the best of it just by walking around and seeing what you find

Danang Beach Experience

Danang Beach has wonderful stretches of white soft sand, crisp sunshine, and pure air together with lines of coconut palm trees, providing perfect shades for sunbathing.  

In Danang tour, travelers can either take part in exciting water sports such as diving and water skiing or take a hike around the beautiful peninsula, along different beaches, into the forest, and up the mountains. Or, other tourists will choose to relax on the sandy beach and enjoy a huge savory seafood meal.there are 17 beaches of Da Nang has been planned route stretching along the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, Nguyen Tat Thanh, bathing arrangement and a separate sports area, very convenient for people who play sports. in the hot sunny day, around 8,000-10,000 visitors to Danang, in which 30-35% are tourists. The annual program "Da Nang - summer rendezvous" took place in late June, is expected every day on the beach in Da Nang attracted more than 50,000 people to the beach and play rugby union Sports.

Top amazing experience in Ba Na Hill

In Ba Na Hill, visitors can enjoy all four seasons of the year in one day here.  Each of the four seasons appears in succession: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening, so you might need to take a coat along for an overnight visit. Here, some amazing experience must - try in Ba Na

Check in Le Jardin d'Amour gardens

Le Jardin d'Amour is known to many people as a large refreshing space surrounded by verdure is located in Aley, Lebanon, inspired by French architecture.

Le Jardin d'Amour flower garden was the harmony of the natural landscape and the climate of paradise Bana. With fascinating, royal and unique space as well the Lebanese Mediterranean mountainous overviews and the surrounding manmade waterfalls,  Le Jardin d'Amour’s  space make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding party.

Tasting wine in the hundreds - year olds wine cellar

since 1923, Debay cellar was built by the French on ahead Ba Na mountain. After the war was devastating bombs, this unique wine cellar has remained.

Top view of Son Tra Peninsula

This Ancient Cellar is 100m long and always kept at the ideal temperature from 16 degrees to 20 degree Celsius. In the journey to visit the wine cellar, you will enjoy a glass of wine. If someone does not drink, will change other drinks at the bar next Debay. The visitors will surely have new and distinctive experiences and discovery in a wine space deep with French characteristics when visiting Ba Na Hills.

Discover Fantasy Park

Currently, Zone game is serving a variety of entertainment activities: free fall tower the tallest in Vietnam and the region (29 meters), challenging indoor climbing to a height of 21 m, playground tram crash in Vietnam or Park dinosaur Park - the only explorer area in Vietnam was built in-house.

Swimming pool in the attic

Located in the Danang hotel, Swimming pool in the attic like a massive, sumptuous and magnificent castle of Ba Na Hills, but few people know is that it is hidden inside a swimming pool with infinity exclusive architecture originality, reproduce the luxuries of European nobility in ancient times