Booking hotel in Halong- tips from Apro Travel

Halong trip - Hạ Long city (The Descending of Dragon) is divided into two parts: East Hạ Long and West Hạ Long. The eastern part ("Hon Gai"), where most of the official buildings and industry are concentrated, is connected by bridge with the western part ("Bai Chay"), considered to be more of a tourism attraction

There are several good quality hotels in Hạ Long city and plenty of budget accommodation. Both domestic and foreign tourists to Ha Long need the necessary equipment to accommodate the hotel in line with the budget and the needs. Here, some recommendation tips from Apro Travel to book the best hotel in Ha Long

The perfect replacement solution for limited budget

With the limited budget, you can choose the guesthouse,  homestay instead of staying in a hotel. Staying in the guesthouse,  homestay means living the village life, cook your own Vietnamese food, plant rice and plow with buffalos.Halong’homestay bring the traveler experience a whole new life in the Vietnamese countryside.

All experiences includes:

Live the local life while staying in outskirts Halong homestay – taking part in daily deeds.

Discover the unexplored parts of Unesco certified Halong Bay by kayak – far away from the tourist route. Explore magnificent caves, swim in the emerald green waters, do kayaking and relax at the beautiful beaches of the impressive Halong Bay

Find the best travel deal

Before booking a room, call the hotel itself (the specific location, not the chain’s 800 number) during business hours to see if the hotel will match or beat rates you’ve found online. Sometimes they’ll throw in extras such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast or late checkout. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always ask about which fees are included and how much they'll cost you

For the traveler to just one destination, look for a deal that includes the hotel, airfare and car rental, which may be cheaper than buying these components individually.

Priority hotel that really must consider in Halong Tour

Apro Travel give the list of AfortableHotel for Traveler in Halong Tour

Alex Hotel – cheap, affordable Halong Hotel

Address:  28A Anh Dao Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

Price: From VND 283.553 per double beds room

Phone: 043 2484656; hotline: 0904 871 262

Room Size: 18 m²

The Light Hotel - competitive hotel rates

Address 108A Vuon Dao, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City

Price: $15/room/ night  (affordable)

Phone: 0919691000

Comparison sites usually give the best price


Apro Travel reveals a top of the secret to book the best hotel:

The same room can be sold at vastly different prices so you need to check the top comparison sites to see who's selling it cheapest. Once you've found the best comparison site price, call the hotel to see if it'll beat it – sometimes they offer direct bookers early booking promos or three-for-two night deals that comparison sites miss

Besides, need to watch out for rooms 'on request'. If a site says it has rooms 'on request', this means it has only asked for rooms from the hotel – there may actually not be a room available. Be careful not to go for one of these and lose a firm cheap deal elsewhere.