Cat Ba Nation Park in Ha Long

Cat Ba National Park is a tourist destination to million for both domestic and oversea visitors in Ha long Bay Tour. Coming here, visitor not only can enjoy the beauty of landscapes, seascapes or visit original forest but also have chances to discover many unique, precious species of fauna, flora, and local culture

Overall of Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park was constructed in 1986, it covers 16.196,8 ha including 10.931,7 ha of kart island and 5.256,1 ha of marine ecosystems

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Located at 15 km direction of northwest of Cat Ba Town. It ranges an area of 15,200ha, of which 9,800ha are forest, and contains lots of particularly interesting cave. Especially, original tropical forest an area of 570ha, with extremely varied wildlife and vegetation.

Like the name, Cat Ba National Park is situated in Cat Ba Island and on several smaller islands nearby. The park, currently, contains 98km2 of total land are, 54km2 of inshore waters. It was Vietnam’s first national park to included both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Cat Ba National Park is recognized nationally and internationally for its importance in biodiversity conservation, due to containing many different types of ecosystem and habitat.

The Park has a great huge of plant and animal species. Cat Ba National Park differs from other national parks in Vietnam because of the very variety of landscapes and ecosystems, including tropical evergreen forests, mangrove, freshwater lake and streams, far away sandy beaches, coral reefs, cave, and grottos. Cat Ba National Park is a tourist attraction to million for both domestic and oversea visitors. Cat Ba's beautiful national park is home to 32 different types of mammal, consisting most of the world's 65 remaining golden-headed langur; the world's most endangered primate.

An amazing tour in Cat Ba National Park

There is some dangerous off route here, including a hardcore 18km route up to a mountain summit. The challenging 18km hiking trail in the park takes at least six hours and is really best done with a guide. Boat or bus transport to the trailhead and a boat to come back to town also need to be managed. Remarkably, rangers at the headquarters can help with this or speak to Cat Ba Ventures or Asia Outdoors in Cat Ba Town. Bringing proper hiking shoes, a raincoat and a generous supply of water for this hike because of slippery after rain. Independent hikers can buy basic snacks at the grocery store in Viet Hai, which is where many hiking groups stop for lunch.

From the center of Cat Ba national park, the traveler can come to visit some places nearby like Trung Trang cave, hospital cave, village garden or you can go further to Cat Ba town to visit Cat Ba market, Cat Ba Canon Fort. For whom love discover more, you can visit Monkey Island for seeing monkeys, go swimming or take a cruise on Lan Ha bay, visit Viet Hai fishing village...