Coming to Hanoi Quang Ba flower market in night

At the very early of a day, The Quang Ba flower market, the biggest floral hub of Vietnam's capital located in Tay Ho district, becomes incredibly busy and vibrant with 2 distinct sessions: one shift from 2.00am to 4.00am, especially dedicated to wholesalers and another from 4.00 am to 12 pm for retailers. Except for the hustle and bustle in morning, the traveler has the great chance of strolling and opts for your own day a beautiful bunch of flower. It is much pretty amazing for who almost like natural beauty

                                           The fresh flower bought in the early morning

The Quang Ba flower is the main fresh flowers market supplier for Hanoi and adjacent provinces. The seller collects the flower from Nhat Tan and Quang An garden and other communes in Tu Liem district. For a long time ago, Quang Ba flower night market is formed as a wholesale market, where centralized purchasing fresh flowers for most of the Hanoian.

In the early morning, the salesman often encounters bustling day market everywhere but seeing a night flower market that happens year round may be unique and become a special culture

Quang Ba Flower Market usual meets at night around 2 am, but actually, the florists start to gather at the market from 11 pm the night before. There are more individual sales to local people who are buying the flowers in the night for celebrations, memorials, and offerings. This moment was still dark, the market is all full of retail florists to market on the old bike that filled with roses, carnations, gerberas, chrysanthemums, etc ... Sometimes you will catch some couples traveling all this way to buy flowers together. Especially, it’s an ideal place for visitors to see real buying and selling life scene. The price is more expensive at Quang Ba Flower market than the previous session as traders take over again at morning.

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The reality, the traveler can gain many very different feelings about a culture’s daily life in Hanoi while walking around it. The only light is emitted from the market bulbs and high voltage lights shine down from above, causing the market to sink in shimmering colors. When the sun rises, the atmosphere turns into a glittering heaven with diversified colors of flowers from growers and traders

On the yearly Tet Holiday, Quang Ba flower market is much more crowded than ever. An or 2 days left before Vietnam Lunar New Year, despite the cold weather, Quang Ba flower market attracts all its visitors and buyers.  At this special occasion, Quang Ba night market becomes more crowded and busier. Besides frequent customers including flower shop owners in Hanoi, many unexpected visitors, mostly young people, and traveler go there to seek the Tet atmosphere through the cheerful color of flowers. Coming to Quang Ba flower night market, staying awake and wandering around the market is a good way to enjoy life at night. The masses of colorful flowers on trucks and sales tables recall a familiar rural market session