Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic in Hanoi

Range on vast 1,544 ha area in Dong Mo, Son Tay of Hanoi, the site is a complex of traditional Vietnamese architectures, highlighting unique characteristics of the national' s culture, Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic  is a cheap and ideal Hanoi destination for family and friends outings

The ethnic villages structure including hills, mountains, valleys, lakes, traditional village model of ethnic minorities in order to recreate the natural landscape, 4 cultural clusters in all parts of the country. In particular, the 1st  cluster of minority villages including landscapes and unique cultural of 28 countries from Northeast, Northwest, and North Central mountain belongs to the Tay -Thai language, Tibetan - Myanmar, Mongolia - Dao, Muong, Ka belt. Cluster II consists of landscape and cultural work characteristics of 18 nations in South-Central and Central Highlands belongs to the Mon - Khmer, South Island ethnic village. Cluster III is the landscape and cultural works characteristic of the peoples residing in the Mountainous plateau, hills, river bank belonging to the Mon - Khmer and Austronesian (Cham, Khmer, leaks, Chu Ru). The last cluster showing works landscape and unique culture of ethnic groups residing in the place selling paint, hills, plains, coastal, river bank, town, towns belonging to Han language, Vietnam - Muong (Kinh, Hoa, Ngai, San Diu)

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In Hanoi Tour, far away from the convenience of modern streets, coming to Dong Mo ecotourism, the visitor will be easy to forget fast atmosphere in Capital of the Republic of Vietnam and enjoy the restful feeling. camping in Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic near the forest, take part in exciting activities such as sailing, fishing, and enjoying grilled specialties like grilled chicken will make your memorable travel. especially, the traveler will be guided  are the main ethnic cultural entities directly introduce the traditional beauty and guide to experience life in the cultural life of local

Annual cultural activities of six ethnic groups in the northern provinces held from April 28th to May 3rd will take place at the Culture -Tourism Village of Viet Nam Ethnic Groups in Son Tay town, Ha Noi. Activities will be set up by the Management Board of the Viet Nam Culture-Tourism Village of Viet Nam Ethnic Groups in coordination with several Provincial Cultural Centers and Ba Vi District People’s Committee to introduce tourists to the specific culture of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups. In Cultural Tourism Village of Vietnam ethnic, the traditional cultural festivals such as the Northwest fairs and festivals of the nation to pray for rain Cor (Quang Nam), rice sowing festival of ethnic B'rau (Kon Tum), holidays cow racing Seven Mountains (An Giang), Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) be reappeared, is an great opportunity for visitors to enjoy the vibrant festive atmosphere, with bold cultural identity of each region, land country.

For more information: traveler must pay ticket price before entering at gateway

  • Adult: 30,000 / people
  • Students of universities, colleges, secondary and vocational training: VND 10,000  per time.
  • Students in the general education establishments: VND5,000 / plays.
  • Free for children under 6 years old