Da Nang Check-in Places

Step by step, Da Nang has attracted millions of tourists to visit, holiday or honeymoon. It is not only green space in the sea air, alpine grandeur, but also marked by the places where photography can catch in one or more shots, the entertainment service quality and gentleman, friendly. Let's take a look at a few Da Nang check-in places to virtual life will you do that Apro Travel suggests you not to miss in your trip?

1. Da Nang Children's Cultural Palace

Unlike the children's culture of the provinces on this S-shaped strip of land, Da nang Children's Cultural Palace is built on a large area, structured around the idea of puzzle Tangram strange poison, with the beasts of works based around an impressive color gamut.

For further information, lines, small nooks here are the unique architect style, forming a magnificent building in the heart of the city. Coming here, you can comfortably create building designs with an ultra quality background.

2. Da Nang Beach

Danang has many beaches with large range: My An Beach, My Khe and Pham Van Dong, everywhere are noted by white sand stretches, blue water, will give you the picture with its own look, it is impossible unmistakable. You can invert the sand, rejoice in the water, or do you like comfort to get the best results, the most sparkling.


3. Thuan Phuoc Field Studio

Coming to Thuan Phuoc Field studio, you will be lead into romantic space with farms, farm, pretty small house imitate Europe style. Its layout is surrounded by fences painted white, with windmills in sunset dreamer

Located at the foot of Thuan Phuoc Bridge, in Thuan School Field, you will get the best picture shimmering space no matter what. Admission here is not too expensive VND 200,000 for a shooting hour.

 4. Son Tra Peninsula

Considered as a jewel of this coastal city, Son Tra Peninsula is a convergence of diverse ecosystems, possesses many beautiful places in Da Nang photographed as: whether you, god eyes Indochina, the Linh Ung temple, Bai But, Bai Da Den

In addition to photography, come here, you will see firsthand the friendly young love scene, where spectacular natural not nicer.

5. Ba Na Hills

Which was named the first place Penglai scene, Ba Na Hills with a mild climate, fresh, great scenery, photography is a certain beauty in Da nang you must try once in a lifetime.

                                          Image: Ba Na Hill- Road to Heaven

Ba Na Hill is impressed by the magnificent castles, magnificent, rich village, the resort is a modern design, the dreamlike scenery will certainly be the ideal background to help you give birth to the picture.

In addition, Da Nang also owns much space check - in virtual poles and other sparkling such as Hai Van pass, bridge Love, hotel pool or park Alacarte hot spring Shen

Useful Tip for a stunning Da Nang check in Shots

  • Wake Up Early is the best way to deal with fewer tourists and other photographers. Taking a pics with  Sunsets are also great
  • Read travel guidebooks about your destination to know the names of potential photo locations and then research for which time of day has the best light