Da Nang City Travel Guide and Instruction

Over the last almost two decades Da Nang has twisted upwards and outwards as Vietnam's third city and a distinct feeling that much more is to come hangs in the air. Da Nang was named as a municipal province in 1996 when it was divided from Quang Nam Provide, and today the city boasts an impressive skyline while resorts and hotels line up along the coast

                                                 Da Nang is a beautiful Coastal City

Da Nang is well-known for delicious dishes but not expensive. Thus, travelers will not have to spend too much money on eating. During Da Nang Tour, travelers can choose hotels fitting their budget. If traveling by train, it will take 1 day and a half, which means having 3 meals during this time. You can have some snack instead of a big meal. Each snack may cost 1.5USD. It will cost about 45-50USD for eating meat on a train. The price of Da Nang delicacies is affordable. 10USD/day is an acceptable amount to let a fulfilling. The eating cost for 2 days is about 15-20USD. In total, the eating cost is about 20-25USD.

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Many travelers who show up in Da Nang find the city dull and end up heading elsewhere fast. It's true that Da Nang is a more difficult city to visit than other spots in Vietnam and you can't experience the best of it just by walking around and seeing what you find, as you can in Nha Trang or Hoi An. You really should seek out the hidden corners and some advanced preparation can really being your unforgettable memories.

Da Nang has installed free mega WiFi, which can be accessed from all over the city and is pretty reliable. ATMs are located all over the city, with the highest concentration nearest the big swing bridge, Han River Bridge on riverside Bach Dang Street. Donga banks have the highest withdrawal limits (five million VND, approx US$250), but you can make multiple withdrawals. The ATM withdrawal fee is 20,000 VND per transaction, but do remember you will also be charged by your home bank. If you have an HSBC account there is a branch on Tran Phu Street, or look out for Techcom ATMs which link to HSBC. For travelers cheques at 2 percent and direct bank transfers at 3.3 percent go to either Vietcom Bank or Sacom Bank, both on Bach Dang Street. Opening hours are from 07:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 17:00 weekdays. At weekends Sacom Bank opens from 07:30 to 11:30.

Getting around Da Nang City, it is suggested to travel by motorcycle, bus, or taxi. Getting around by motorcycle is convenient and easy to pop infamous attractions in Da Nang. There are services of motorcycle renting at the hotels or renting stores with rates from 3USD to 7USD/vehicle/day. If by bus, from Da Nang City, there are buses running to Hue (it takes 3 hours), and Hoi An (1 hour). To save more budgets, Apro Travel suggested traveling by motorbike. To approach Hue and Hoi An, it is possible to travel by motorbike. For short distances around the city, the bus is more convenient than other vehicles. Therefore, to travel inner the city, it costs about 14USD/pax. To sum up, the total traveling expense (get to and get around Da Nang) is about 41USD