Dam Sen Water Park – Ocean right in Ho Chi Minh city

Dam Sen is a water park oasis, hidden outside the city centre. It has a little something for everyone; relaxing activities for the folks looking to kick back and I-can’t-believe-I’m-about-to-go-on-this-my-mum-would-be-so-mad water slides for those who live life on the edge.

If you’re in the first group you have several options. There is a large wave pool in the centre of the park where you can grab an inner tube and ride the tide, which doesn’t swell much over two metres, or you can take your tube to the lazy river and relax as you’re slowly propelled through the park. Old-fashioned folks can soak in the regular pool, where they can swim and have front row seats to people hilariously zip lining into the deep end. There is also a hot tub, which gets a bit crowded but is actually a hot tub, and not a small circle with the same temperature of water you’d find in the pool, which is quite common here.

If you’re more adventurous, this is where Dam Sen really shines. Home to several slides that may make you question yourself before you go down, it is perfect for water park adrenalin junkies. Try the Boomerang, where you climb into a raft with two friends and drop down a nearly 45 degree boomerang shaped slide, or the Kamikaze, a 19 metre-tall slide that brings you to speeds so fast you can’t keep your eyes open.

Keep in mind that the slides were built for lighter and shorter people, meaning you’ll be building more momentum than the locals. Some of the slides will rough you up, especially the Twister Space Bowl, which hurls you into a bowl and spits you out a metre over the water. But for all your bumps and bruises you will have no regrets — the slides are too awesome.

The park is about 30-45 minutes out of downtown by taxi, or about 15 minutes quicker by bike. From District 1 take CMT8 to 3 Thang 2, when you pass the race track and Parkson in District 11 take a right onto Lanh Binh Thang, which then turns into Hoa Binh. Admission is 110,000 VND for those over 1.4 metres and 70,000 VND for those who are shorter. The park has lockers and changing rooms, including one only for foreigners, located under the Kamikaze.

Remember, you’re in Vietnam, so this isn’t going to be the cleanest, or safest, water park you’ll ever visit; some areas could use a paint job and some sections of the slides might be due for replacements. But, if you keep in mind that you’re paying a little over $5 for entry, and you have your own segregated locker room, you should have a great time, just remember to tuck your elbows. Check out the quick video below to get a look for yourself.


Escape the sweltering heat of the city and visit Ho Chi Minh's adventure waterpark with plenty of rides and slides to suit everyone.

With temperatures hitting over 30° Celsius each month, Dam Sen Water Park, which is part of the Dam Sen Park complex, is one of the best places in the city to go to cool down. Beautifully landscaped gardens and a wide variety of slides make this a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, especially at the weekend. Whether you prefer to drift along lazily, or be propelled from dizzying heights, Dam Sen Water Park has something to make you smile.

Ease yourself in gently by grabbing an inflatable tube and making your way to the wave pool or Wandering River, both of which are suitable for young children. Another option for smaller children is the kids' pool where lots of activities and gentle slides will keep them entertained for hours.

Don't worry though, Dam Sen Water Park also has rides to make even the toughest adrenaline junkies cower in fear! Black Thunder uses blackout tubing and laser lights to enhance your experience as you plummet to the bottom of this multi-slide attraction. Try out The Boomerang for a sensation of free-fall, or maybe try the exhilarating Kamikaze Super-Speed slide. Need a break from all that adrenaline? If so, why not head over to Wild River or the Aqua Dance pool

If you're feeling hungry, there are fast food stands on-site or, alternatively, choose from a range of eateries outside the waterpark in the surrounding complex.

Dam Sen Water Park is approximately 20 minutes' drive from District 1, Ho Chi Minh and 15 minutes from the airport. Height restrictions apply to some of the slides (between 1 metre and 1.5 metres). Storage lockers are available and the park is open every day except Tuesdays. Contact us at aprotravel.com to get more information about Ho Chi Minh tours or common name Saigon tours.