Danang tours and travel tips for your back pocket

Da Nang Tours and Travel tips

Da Nang which is one of the most beautiful and clean city in all over Vietnam, economic with high number of growth, the tour in Danang has many famous scenic spots such as Marble, Cu Lao Cham Island, South River ... and many recreation areas. Especially, Da Nang has many talent and  unique architecture bridge, such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge ... Also, Da Nang has very good security, you completely feeling peace when doing Danang day trips.

Reason for choosing Da nang day tours

Bestime for Da nang tours

Da Nang is a coastal city, so you should take Danang tours in the summer from June to August the best time for enjoying most beautiful sea and beach relaxation. This is also the pick season for tourists.

Transportation for Danang tours / Getting to Da Nang

There are 3 most common transportation for Danang tours: Air Planes, trains and buses

Air way: The domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar or VietJetAir ... all have routes to Da Nang, especially these firms often have promotions for Danang air fare. Normally air fare to Da Nang costs below 1 million / 1 way on promotion price will be much cheaper. You should contact the ticket office to hunt the cheapest fares.

Before the tour in da nang, when you got the Flight schedule for at Danang tours at airport, you can contact the shuttle bus service from the airport to the center of Da Nang City, or go straight to Hoi An. The price is also very good: 220,000 vnd / 4 seats, 270,000 or 320,000 for 7 seats to 16 seats, especially when you ar in group , you will save money. For the way from city  to the airport, you can also contact us for a shuttle bus service.

Travel by train: Train station in Da Nang city, so this type of transportation is very convenient. You could take the train for not only enjoy Danang trips but also good car sick tourist, even more you can delight scenery. The price is also very cheap train tickets, your also pay attention to have cheap and the best seats.

Traveling by bus: Bus also is located in central Da Nang city, so very convenient for danang day trips. All provinces have come to Da Nang route so if you intend to travel by bus you should contact the bus company before departure.

In the other side, you can travel by motorcycle to Da Nang, but You should travel in group for safe. Backpacking is very convenient and flexible, you could enjoy sightseeing along the way and indepence on your Danang tours schedule time.

Taking a Da Nang day trip, the best moving is renting motorbike which is not only convenient but also  save your money.

Accommodation: the best hotel and resort in Danang tours

Hotel and Resorts is plentiful from standard budget to luxury , so you are completely assured of safety issues as well as quality .

If you would like to have Danang beach and cruise tours , but still able to visit the city , you should choose hotels along the Han River , the hotel prices are relatively affordable here  around 600,000 vnd / day , if you like the luxury resort you a choice of 5-star hotel . Here, you can walk along the beach, especially at night time.

 Food in Danang? The most famous cuisine in Danang day trips

Danang is famous with many delicious dishes with unique flavors like Quang Noodle, Pork rolled with rice paper, fish sauce noodle, Cau Mong roasted veal, fish ball noodles, spring rolls or snack  street shop... Here are some dishes specialties in Danang you should enjoy through, the price is also very affordable, not expensive.

Destination for Danang day tours

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Da Nang day tours activities: you can enjoy at some popular beaches such as My Khe Beach, Xuan Thieu beach, beaches in Son Tra Peninsula or Non Nuoc beach ... so, you should bring a swimsuit offline .

Alternatively, you can visit the museum in Da Nang, Marble Mountains, Linh Ung Pagoda, Lang Co Bay, ride the rapids in Phu Thanh Hoa resorts, mud bath.... viewing Han bridge especially at night or enjoying entertainment attractions in Ba Na hill, HELIO... If you like active, adventure activities you  can join the rotation Sun wheel very compelling.

Traditional festivals such as boat racing festival takes place in January of the lunar calendar, Cau Ngu festival held after the Tet festival and Avalokitesvara.

Gifts / souvenirs in Danang

You can buy all kinds of fresh seafood such as squid or dried shrimp, dried fish soaked in Con or Han market... Many kind of Ba De cakes, My Khe seaweed, Nam Ong fish sauce ... are the specialty gift which visitors often bought as a gift from Danang tours.

Apro travel do hope with experience sharing Da Nang tours will help you prepare your tripf with the necessary knowledge and rewarding to avoid the situation of "over budget" and have fun trip with your relatives and friends.