Discover Han market in Da Nang city tours

If you have a chance to join Da nang tours, You should visit Han market as one of Danang day tour destination. Located at the grand intersection of Tran Phu Street, Bach Dang Street, Hung Vuong Street and Tran Hung Dao Street, this famous market holds a very important position in the history of the danang city also it become the famous tourist actractions in danang day tours.

Initially, the market was just a single market in Han riverside. When Da Nang city became a colony of France and renamed Tourane; and then it was invested and built solidly with kiosks and shop in early 19th century with the area of more than 28,000 m2. It’s quite surprised that in the past, this market was aimed at serving the rich people and people often called it “rich market” but However, thanks to the government’s innovation in 1989, an extra store was added, making it the biggest market in Da Nang city. Today that term is absolutely out of place, as everyone enjoys shopping there  it became the daily market for every local sellers and buyers.. A plenty of goods ranging from fresh foods (vegetables, fruits, fishes and meats) to clothes is traded all day long. And the market owns a spacious and refreshing atmosphere; the arrangement of stores inside the market also gives the customers a relaxing feeling when shopping there.

Con market – a paradise of food in Da Nang

At noon, Han Market’s indoor food court which is a paradise of food for tourists and locals offers just about any Vietnamese dish you can think of, from mi quang (Vietnamese turmeric noodles) and com tam (broken rice) to banh xeo (crispy pancake) and goi cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls), each of which should cost you no more than  $2 (VND 30,000) or you have plentiful of choice for your taste with other dishes

It’s great to choose Han market for finding some cute souvenirs before you return home. The dried food here have good quality, especially Ly Son garlic, Chili paste, dried rice crackers, dried squids are all those specialties of Da Nang.  At the front of the market are fruit stalls, abundant with tropical option from bananas to jackfruits. Also you can buy some fried seafoods, Local sellers, who has amazing traditional way to keep the pure flavor of squids or fishes and you can preserved it for along way back to your country. A good ideal is that you should spend time at this market after relaxing on the beach because the market is so close to the beaches.

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As aprotravel opinion If you are have plan going to Da Nang day tours, do not forget to visit this Han- market and bring home lots of souvenirs and dried food dishes which makes a very nice surprise gifts for your friends and your family. The market will bring to you the closer look of Danang people daily activities, not only about food but also culture and history of local life. Come to enjoy Danang tour and feel the hospitalities of danang people.