Discover the magic charm of Da Nang by night

Cầu Rồng (Dragon Bridge)

Cầu Rồng Cây (dragon bridge) is dragon – shaped bridge that have length up to 666 meters, represent the symbol of Da Nang city. As weekends come, local people and foreign tourists in Da Nang have chance to enjoy a special performance on this bridge at 21.00pm. That’s the Flame & water injection performance.

Besides, if you plan to stay longer in Da Nang, do not miss the other beautiful bridges of this city like Tran Thi Ly bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge with unique design and architecture seen now where but only in Da Nang.  

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Cầu sông Hàn (Han Bridge or swaying bridge)

The Han bridge (built in 1998), which is crossing Han river,  is also an un-detachable part of Da Nang, too. Many tourists at their first-time in Da Nang were so excited at the movement ò f this unique bridge. Hence, even Da Nang citizens are also excited to witness the bridge slowly moving. It’s best time to see how the bridge swaying at night, when the city lights up, both the river and the swing bridge seem to be dyed in brilliant color palette of the system of decorative lighting along the streets. Han River Bridge at that time becomes a splendid lighting architectural highlight among dreaming Han River. It seems that all poetic beauty of Da Nang only reveals in the most flawless way in the space of windy and cool Han River Bridge. Along with the shimmering beauty on the bridge, many tourists are actually curious to contemplate the movement of the bridge when it is rotated 90 degrees. The middle part of the bridge will turn 90 degrees around its axis at about 1:00 am and locates along the river's flow in order to open the way for large ships to go through; then it will return at its initial position at about 3:30 a.m. The picture of Da Nang Swing Bridge thus always occupies an important standing in the hearts of city lovers.

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Marina harbor

This harbor was built on the eastern bank of Han river, right at the top edge of Dragon bridge, with a huge investment of more than 203 billion vnd on a magnificiant area of 56,766 m2. There are two most prominent points there: Carp turning into Dragon statue and the Bridge of Love. The Carp statue was manipulated in the Non nuoc village with impressive height of 7.5 meter, weight of nearly 200 tons, casted from 5 ewhite marble blocks, looking ahead to the Han river. For best view of landscape, you should stand at the Carp statue and seeing the yatch landed the harbor. What would be more romantic and memorable than standing here and give each other your kisses and special locks on the “Bridge of love”.

Hội An ancient town

Located at the downward of Thu Bon river, away from Da Nang city approximately 30 km to the south, Hoi An once had been the most international harbor of the Southeast Asia during the 17th and 18th centuries. Nowadays, Hoi An is one of the top visit for thousands of foreign tourists thanks to its antique view and peaceful atmosphere. Hoi An will be more beautiful at night when all the crowds, the hustling life quit, there is only ancient houses standing side by side in the silence. Everything was kept the same as hundred years ago. Therefore, most of tourists choose to arrive at Hoi An at night, and enjoy the fresh cool air in the night. Do not forget to visit the following Hoi An highlights with Phuc Kien Communal House, Tan Ky ancient commercial house, Japanese covered Bridge, and Phung Hung Ancient Trading House. Visit one of the lantern making workshops or walking around for shopping and have your clothes tailored.

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