Discovery Ha Long Carnival

Halong cruise - Ha Long Carnival was first held in 2007. Unlike Brazil Festival with hot and sexy ladies wearing hot bikinis with various lush colors and marching along the streets with fiery dance moves under arouse music, Halong Carnival is often joined by thousands of local artists, models and dancers, and art troop from China, Laos and the Republic of Korea together with the parade of flower carriages featuring Quang Ninh’s tourism resources

Halong Carnival-  the biggest colorful festival

Halong Carnival is the biggest festival every year in Halong which attracts a huge number of tourists. Tourists coming to Halong Bay will be dazzled by the colorful and bustling atmosphere of carnival festival. Halong Carnival has become an attractive tourism product in Halong

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Ha Long Carnival – Most crowded event of the year

The main purpose of Ha Long Carnival is to create a place for Ha Long Bay to exhibit all their unique culture features, as well as enjoy Vietnam’s exciting atmosphere of colors, friendship, solidarity and joyfulness

The Halong carnival including an opening ceremony, art performances, and a street show. During the whole  Ha Long Bay Carnival,  having a vivid parade gathering thousands of ethnic people living in the province took place on the city’s main street alongside the beach to show.

Ha Long Bay Carnival is the most crowded and most delightful to people in Halong. Both domestic and foreign visitor, approximately dozen thousands of people, come to Halong before the main night. Ha Long Carnival ‘s main target is to promote ethnic cultures so you can see than 3,000 performers from ethnic San Chay, San Diu, Tay and Dao groups in the festival. Halong Carnival gives the tourists a chance to learn about the distinctive cultural identities of different ethnic groups when several traditional festivals and customs were presented.

Each year, Halong Carnival has a different theme which honors traditional and natural values of Halong Bay as well as the achievements of tourism in Halong.

A sleepless night of music, dance and hot marchers

Like any festival in the world, Ha Long Carnival keeps the best and most enthusiastic part - the festival night till the end of the event. The night begins with a match of models and young people from all participating countries. They dress colorfully in fascinating bikinis or short costumes which can burn the eyes of thousands of audiences on two sidewalks with charming movements

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Waking up after an over-enthusiastic night, local people are charged full-power coming back to their hard-working days, while tourists are given the inspiration to explore other similar wonderful events and attractive destinations of Vietnam. evidently, the eager and the expectation for the following carnivals are definitely burning inside everyone’s heart.