Dong Xuan Market - have you tried it yet in Hanoi tours?

The night market often be held at night but most crowded and interesting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Thanks to its location right in the middle of the old quarter, which only few steps from the Hoan Kiem Lake, you would enter a great paradise of shopping: from little cute things like souvenirs to fashion clothes and household stuff. It is might considered as one of the most bustling market in Hanoi day tours itinerary. 

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 Its special feature that the market is held on the walking street so there would be no worries for the transportation incidents. All the shops inside the market are always attractive with many types of goods and stuffs, stretching from Hang Dao street until the Dong Xuan market, full of vivid colors and flavors from street food kiosks. What you find out here may beyond your expectations about a night market. Not only tourist fall in love with this night market but also do the Hanoians.

What you need to do in the night market is just walking, relax, discovering and buying. You can go there with your tour guide to understand more about the goods here or to find a suitable kiosk to try the street food. Otherwise, discover it by yourself is not a bad decision because all the shoppers here are very friendly. It’s great to do “shopping window” here cause even you do not buy anything here, what you get will be friendly smiles from the shoppers.

Most of foreign tourists coming for Hanoi day tour price would choose Dong Xuan market on their first night in Hanoi. They would be impressed by what they found in the market, from the street vendors until street artists. It’s not surprised to see a queue of foreign tourist quietly wait until their turns in front of a street artist. Taking back the souvenirs are often be seen when tourists leave the night market. Many of them love the souvenirs here so much because they are all imbued with Vietnamese culture and deeply meaningful as the gifts of Hanoi tours to your friend and your family. 

 Besides, other Hanoi day tours activities is watching the traditional artistic performance on the night market is also very interesting. Just choose your suitable seat on the street, and enjoying your fantastic show. After the performance ends, let’s ask for the actors to take photo with them. You will be welcome to do this without extra pay or tips.