Escaping from scam in Hanoi traditional festival

There is so many Hanoi traditional festival occurs from 1st to 4th month of spring. Overall of this is crowd and chaos, the number of very huge Hanoian and traveler of pilgrims comes festival to pray for the health and peace. But sadly, it still have a lot of scams that you should avoid

                                 Beggar is more and more popular in Ha Noi Festival

At first sight, just step out Hanoi traditional festival, the traveler might come across fake beggars. Some examples are fake disable, hungry babies are actually asleep due to alcohol and people fake sickness and weakness. Do not donate or will be hounded as well. In this situation, you should neglect them 


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The normally Hanoi traditional festival scams are to avoid pesky photographers who offer to take photos of you. Firstly, they will take multiple photos and demand a much higher payment. Secondly, they will not deliver the photos to you as commitment. Do not allow take any photo of you and your family if having no your own request

During The Festival, there are many shops which sell fake stuff as well, such as silk and even war relics! So please take knowledge about what you’re buying and make sure to verify them before buying. 

Recently, Poker 21 scam or The blackjack scam occurs during in some famous Hanoi traditional festival, this intricate hustle has parted many unsuspecting tourists from their hard-earned cash. It may seem like common sense to not start blackjack games with strangers but these individuals are surprisingly charming and most people find themselves in hot water before they even grasp the situation. Some have tried to leave, only to be threatened into staying. Your best recommendation would be to avoid the situation altogether; don’t gamble in a stranger’s house. 

Protecting yourself from a pickpocket or other thief in the crowd is not as difficult as you would think; just a few thoughtful precautions can be enough to give you peace of mind and confidence in going about your day. Avoiding this fraud, keep a list, separate from your wallet, contact numbers to report lost credit cards, it’s always a good idea to carry your valuables in a money belt and leave your expensive jewelry at home or hotel

Traveler should keep the own valuables in a money belt and leave your expensive jewelry at home or hotel

To get any places, traveler pay the attention some useful tips below

  • Taxi: Be confirmed exactly how much to pay before getting on the car. Get receipt and card visit after the finish to avoid you miss something in the car to know the way to contact with the driver.
  • Do not take a lot of money, the passport to going out. Just take hotel card to contact in case need their help. Everything important should take by yourself, keep in front of you.

Before you come to Hanoi traditional festival, you can take some steps to minimize your loss in case of theft or at least learn how to deal with to the fact that scams exist that absolutely spoil the image of Vietnam as a friendly destination