Experience a unique Saigon

Saigon, the largest and busiest of Vietnam’s cities. For the time being, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon’s other name) is considered to be one of the most dynamic areas of the country - a social, cultural and economic center of the South. Besides, there is a unique Saigon need to exploring

Saigon's coffee culture

Saigon's coffee considering  an addictive social habit. The independent cafes of Saigon take it to the next level - in its thriving proliferation, in innovation, in design, in its uniqueness and in its bold statement.

Independent cafes in Saigon are a cultural institution. Saigon's coffee culture just need a plastic stool around where they feel relaxed and where they can freely chat with friends. Just no chair, no cake counter, the coffee here is served super quickly.

Unique Saigon Market

Saigon is full of markets, with each having its own feature. Gathering, they form a kind of community, comprised of everything from the aesthetically pleasing but overpriced Bến Thành to the ubiquitous, nameless street markets.

1. The market of  Ve chai

Ve chai is a popular term used among Vietnamese people to refer to things that have no use anymore. Yet vendors in this market on Bình Thạnh District’s Nơ Trang Long Street don’t see their products that way. Established around 5 years ago, vendors gather here to sell old knick-knacks such as Zippo lighters, watches, jewelry and vintage vinyl.

Similar to District 1’s Lê Công Kiều antique street, but with a more genuine and casual atmosphere. Sometimes it feels more like a meeting place for antique lovers rather than a market. 

2. Unique Market in District 5

Saigon’s chemical market consist all kinds of chemicals, legal or not, are available in Kim Biên market which has been around since the 60s.

Stranger, there’s no any requirement for licenses (both for sellers and buyers) or stated use, making it the ideal place for small produce vendors to make their goods look healthy and fresh because industrial strength sulfur, phosphorus, and potassium chlorate are the cheap price.

The Reptile And Vermin Market in Củ Chi District is probably the most skin-scrawling market in Saigon, moving bags of live snakes and mice can be bought in Phước Vĩnh An, Củ Chi.

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The Insect Market located on Hồng Bàng Street next to Thuận Kiều plaza, here grasshoppers, cockroach, and crickets are sold in large quantities. Worms are in baskets and sold by a cup, making it a favorite for bird and fish hobbyists. In this day and age, insects can be fry for specialty

Unique scooter tour getting in and around Sai gon


Coming to Saigon, visitor desire to set yourself free and get into the action on the streets of Vietnam. Whether traveler wants a small scooter to ride around the city or a powerful and comfortable motorbike for touring the beautiful countryside, Saigon Scooter Rental is always available for any requirement.

There is no replacement for this one of a kind adventure. Take a self-guided tour and experience all Saigon has to offer.