Experience in Packo Hostel – Da Nang Unique Hostel Container

Hostel container not merely bedrooms in container but also means that you can make BBQ or cook yourself  if you like. Besides the beautiful space, great food, this unique Hostel Container is also shouldn’t missing place for tourist . 

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Built under the environmental friendly and nature conserving concept, Packo Hostel is not just a hostel for bedding service, it is a place where people can enjoy real local experiences among newly-known friends. An exotic taste in our local cuisine cooking class, a bargain at local fish market, or a night of wandering the ancient city, etc…all the indelible experiences that turns the future guests into storytellers

Da Nang already too well known by both the beautiful scenery, delicious food, great landscape, clean space again. Hotels in this coastal city is even not lack for adequate motels, hotels and resorts, from budget to towards the sea  But it's hard to find a hotel, lodging alternative for those who wish to find new place to stay in familiar destinations. And if you are confused and wondering how just when the hotel zone this container has appeared to you 

Packo Hostel located on Lam Hoanh (Lâm Hoành) Street, nearby T20 beach, My Khe (Dragon Bridge about 0.5 km). to get there by Air - 4.0 km = 2 miles (Airport - Nguyen Van Linh - Dragon Bridge - Vo Van Kiet - Lam Hoanh (your right). Besides, by train - 4.0 km = 2 miles (Train Station - Hoang Hoa Tham - Ham Nghi - Nguyen Van Linh - Dragon Bridge - Vo Van Kiet - Lam Hoanh (your right)). This Hostel is a family consisting of 16 container upper room with 4 types of rooms: 

Private rooms (for 2 people),  Price VND 520.000  a room

4 people Room VND 220.000 per one

6 people Room with VND 200.000 / person

8 people Room  VNĐ 180.000 / person. And if planning to rent a room 4, 6, 8 beds, you will be dropped 10.000 per  person. The larger the room, the more you will save a lot of money

Interior of each room is a brightly colored container which is simple but comfortable and quite personality as beds made from wooden pallets. Naturally it comes with the basic amenities such as air conditioning, a bathroom (with double occupancy). As for the gym 4, 6, 8, bathrooms will be transferred to a private area for guests convenience. Of course the toilets will be divided into two areas men and women separately to ensure privacy for guests.Not only unique container rooms, this hostel was fascinated virtual reality because so many angles to photograph beautiful check in. In fact, but brilliant colors from container, pallet or timber flooring or painted steel staircase leads upstairs unit are extremely perfect for your photos on Facebook or Instagram 

Finally, in this cool and trendy hostel, you not only are guests when checking in and  checking out normal, but also experience the feeling of dining in a homestay with a youthful, immense gardens to BBQ , self-cooking in the open kitchen, or night to play basketball, to explore the city on stringed bored then sing to each other.