Fascinating destinations in Halong Bay

Bãi Cháy beach

Bai Chay is the first suggestion for your first arrival in Halong Bay. Bai Chay is famous for cool blue long beaches. In fact, Bai Chay is an lozenge shaped island with length of 6 km, and people have repaired it into an artificial beach which is very beautiful and romantic sand beach, right next to Halong Bay. Hence, the Bai Chay tourism site is becoming the most beautiful sight and famous in Ha long bay tours. Coming there, you will fully relax in luxurious villa mingled with perfect beaches and enjoy many other interesting activities at night like: water puppet show, ethnic songs, beach sporty games.

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Cô Tô island

Co To island is considered as one of the most beautiful island of the Gulf of Tokkin and also listed in top beautiful site of Halong Bay. Island owns a neglected beauty with more than 50 islets, deep green beaches and peaceful natural landscape, which is very ideal for swimming and relaxing in summer time. Vàn Chảy harbor in Co To Island with gentle sloppy coasts, shallow water, and desolated view is worth a visit. Or Hồng Vàn beach is also fascinated to see the sunrise at dawn and many seafood & specialties there. Nowaday Co To become one of beauty and the perfect destination in Halong bay tours activities

Tuần Châu island

Away from Halong city only about 2km is the Tuan Chau resort with large area of 220 ha. This resort includes the only one island that having schist on its Tuan Chau island. With very sandy white beaches along the deep blue sweater there, covered by deep green Pine Hills, cool air, Tuan Chau Island is deserved to be ideal resort for anyone loving the sea and the nature.

Besides, Tuan Chau Island also has many restaurants with unique architectures and marvelous food. With many other interesting sporty on open air, water music, the Tuan Chau Island has been becoming the precious gem of Halong Bay.

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Yên Tử mountain

Located inside the Halong tourism complex, it is a pity if we miss the Yen Tu Mountain in Uong Bi city. The Yen Tu peak is the place kept many historical relics and also called as the ancestral land of Buddhism in Vietnam. Go along the road to Dong pagoda at the height of 6,000 meters high above the sea level by cable car, what you gain at the peak of the mountain will make you amazing.

Cái Bầu Pagoda

With a firm position: one side leaning on the mountain, and the other side is looking forward to the sea, Cai Bau pagoda (or also called Truc Lam Giac Tam) in Van Don town, Quang Ninh has become attractive point for tourists coming to Halong. The pagoda is not affected by the crowed or bustle atmosphere of Halong city, in contrast, right at the time you enter the pagoda’s yard, you will feel like you are stepping into another world – the world of peace, of hallowed Buddhism. Especially, you will have chance to enjoy free vegetarian meal at this pagoda if you pay a visit there.

Ba Hang fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village is close to Heaven Grotto and this village has gain so many affection from not only Vietnamese but also foreign tourist. With only about 50 households of fishers living on fishing, the Ba Hang fishing village is a peaceful destination for you to leave all stress behind your back. Just sit down on your deck, and keep silence to see how the local people do their daily life on the sea, how they throw a net to catch fish, how they cook food and have meals right on the boat. It is interesting that you can have the meal with them if you want.

Ha long Bay tours has many more interesting destinations for you to discover. We wish you would have a wonderful journey to Halong with Apro Travel. Do not worry about anything, as we will assist you in this trip, accommodate you the best feeling in this World natural wonder.