Guide to Saigon for traveler alone

Leaving one’s comfort zone is always an enriching experience. Traveling alone meaning you can learn from how to navigate a foreign city alone to managing interpersonal relationships with strangers, traveling solo is an opportunity that provides new insights about the world, and is also a good platform for self-discovery.

There are lots of historical and cultural places located here, perfectly matched with the diverse community of generous and happy locals in Saigon Tour for travel alone.  Also, there are some do and don't things in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Below, Apro Travel give  few guide to travel alone in Saigon Tour

Things solo travel needing  experience in Ho Chi Minh City


1. Explore the city via a cyclo

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The cyclo is the three-wheeled bicycle with a carriage at the front for the passenger to sit in while a guy pedals you around the city.Exploring the city via a cyclo will not only give you a first hand experience of the crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh city but also give you a chance to enjoy – and take photos of – of some of Ho Chi Minh City's most known landmarks (Reunification Palace, the Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Post Office)

2. Starting a day with a cup of Vietnamese coffee

You’ll find that the Vietnamese drink coffee at all hours of the day, however, coffee shops are usually crowded in the morning. Vietnamese coffee is strong and dark and is usually served with a sweet condensed milk and is locally known as ca phe sua.

Every day, locals visit the same coffee shop, order the same drink, and chat with their neighbors or read a newspaper while perched on their low slung chairs. If you travel alone, it is so easy to make friend with local people

Where to go in Hochiminh City

1. Ben Thanh Market

Situated in District 1, Ben Thanh market is a great place to buy local handicrafts, branded goods, Vietnamese art and other souvenirs. Here, you also can get a taste of hawker-style Vietnamese cuisine or simply cool off with a cold drink when the bargaining becomes too much. When traveling alone you can use your time in shopping up on your demands without others obstacle

Where to buy in Saigon

2. Famous historic sites

From 70km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnel is the famous historical site for traveler alone comprised more than 120km of underground tunnels with several trapdoors, living areas, kitchens, storage facilities, armory, hospitals, and command centers.

Today, Cu Chi Tunnel is one of Ho Chi Minh’s most attractions where visitors can enjoy activities such as following the claustrophobia-inducing routes of the underground army, firing an M16 assault rifle, as well sampling meals that the underground soldiers had to live with years ago. Beside, Independent Palace, War Remnants Museum, Museums Vietnam Traditional Medicine can be listed out historical must- visit place in Saigon

Useful Tips for traveler alone in Saigon

Travelling alone can be both safe and rewarding, but be mindful of safety concerns as you would traveling in a group or couple. Take care at night, watch your drinks, be aware of any local scams and keep a close eye on your valuable thing