Han Market in Da nang City

Han Market is located in grand intersect of Da Nang city and offers 28,000 square meters of noisy shopping opportunities. Han market is popular among both local and tourist alike. 

Han Market was only a trading venue for small businessmen, the convenient and ideal location have enabled it to develop into a big trading center near Han River, from which people gave it the name Han Market.

Han Market official opened during the French occupancy of Da Nang in the early 1940s and was named after the river Han that it ran parallel to. In 1989 the market was renovation that added an extra store, making it the biggest market in Da Nang and also obviously the cheapest

The entrances and outside of Han Market are a bustling marketplace in themselves, with florists, fruit and veg traders, pharmacies and ornaments — it’s quite a good warm up for what lies ahead. From the main entrance, the first thing on offer are souvenirs or tourist tat — it’s almost as if they don’t think many tourists will venture through to the main food court.

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After that, the traveler will be impressed by baskets and jars full of sweets are the only barrier between the buzzing assault of the fish sauce department (over 20 variations, sweating gently in big open buckets), a Han Market specialty. Vegetables, fish, meat, and seafood cover the remaining floor area. It’s worth a wade around before you losing to the best bit – the food court.

Upstairs you’ll find all thing for lady demands from housewares, cosmetics, clothing, to high heel. Everything is served the Vietnamese client, so if you are larger than the average Vietnamese, pretty sorry that you are not going to find anything that will fit you. The shoe sell man will absolutely die laughing if your foot is larger than a 36.

In Han Market,  there is a much bigger and better range of fabric, tailor available than in Hoi An and it’s cheaper, too. The tailors are very talented and the quality is much better. If you need something copied,  Apro Travel suggest you do it scam-free here rather than at the little tailor town down the road

The best times to visit Han Market are between 06:00 and 11:00 in every morning and then after 16:00 because it is bursting time with activity rather than asleep. For more experience in Danang Tour, the traveler can take a short walk from the big bridge on Bach Dang. Da Nang’s second biggest market( Cho Con), is nearby just off Hung Khong Street, which is easily Han Market stroll from Han. The Cham Museum is a 10-minute walk from the Bach Dang exit just by the Dragon Bridge, where you can also catch a boat for a Han River cruise.

Han Market is a significant landmark in Da Nang. it still offers a fascinating glance at local life in Da Nang.