Hanoi’s Monsoon Festival- destination of EDM lover

After 3 years organized, Monsoon Music Festival has become a spiritual playground of EDM music lovers, a cultural product for the community. The Monsoon Music Festival hits for a 4 days extravaganza of local and international sounds.

Synchronization with the strong development of the EDM wave, Hanoi’s Monsoon Festival in the past few years has determined a choice of several new destinations, especially Asia. With over 200 participating artists performing annual music festival has always created a huge craze for electronic dance music fans

Embodied as one of the 10 Culture and Sport highlights events of the Vietnam’s Capital in 2016, Monsoon Music Festival 2016 by Tuborg was really an unforgettable memory for not only the organizers of the program, but also for the audience participate in the program. Three concerts with dozens of hours immersed in music perhaps is the greatest reward for the EDM believer

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Unlike the regular music shows, Monsoon Music Festival where artists can introduce music products and new projects in an environment of freedom and the most liberal! Thus, the artists themselves participate Monsoon Music Festival by Tuborg are consciously preparing very thoughtful, careful and extremely serious to bring to the audience a music festival is unique and quality

To bring the audience a big and professional Monsoon Music Festival musical event, the China General Direction and crew performed spent a lot of time to learn, exchange and sharing of experience foreign partners in organizing and producing programs. They all aim to bring to the audience a music festival most advanced, highest quality cultural experiences with a truly civilized festival!

The Monsoon Festival was first held in Autumn 2014, the first time in Hanoi, had an international music festival success and caught the attention of the media in Vietnam and International. Hanoi’s monsoon Festival gave both Hanoian and tourist new music styles, the artist famous faces world-class as well as Vietnam as well habit of listening to music

Special guest of Monsoon Music Festival 2015 is Matt Robertson from the UK, who is a multi-talented programmer cum producer, orchestrator, sound engineer and synth enthusiast. He has worked as a musical director for famous singer Björk and The Cinematic Orchestra.

In Hanoi’ monsoon  Festival, the audience has unique opportunity to meet members of the German rock band Scorpions, who are special guests of Monsoon Music Festival 2016, scheduled for October in Hanoi.

Truly, this program has brought the atmosphere in the true sense of a professional music festival internationally, from a cultural product of the community and the community with high-quality professionals, with technical and organization skills professional organizations at international level

Monsoon Music Festival annual event is one of the most expectation musicals of the year. Not only bring the repertoire of the legendary artists of many different musical styles from around the world, Monsoon festival also brings Vietnamese audiences a look clearer on the development and values the local music scene through the performances of both the veterans and promising young artists.