Hanoi Ancient House at 87 Ma May Street - THE SEAL OF TIME

This house, along with another 13 ancient residential homes, was constructed in the late 19th century. Covering an area of 157,6 m square, the house had only one family in residence, but between 1954 and 1999 there were five families who used to live here. The place was then renovated in 1999, but it is still an outstanding look of Hanoi’s old style homes in the old quarter - center of Hanoi day tours.

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The house is divided into two independent blocks though connected to each other by a square yard on the ground floor. The yard aims to provide people living inside the house with fresh air, sunlight and refreshing breezes. A small balcony on the 1st floor offers you some green space with seasonal flowers in full bloom and lush plants. The green color of nature in this house sharply contrasts with the concrete egg-carton style that we often see when standing in front of the Old Quarter.

The room on the first floor looking out to Ma May streets is designated as a place for selling souvenirs and cultural and traditional gifts created by local craftsmen. This area is also used as the reception, where staff provides answers to tourists’ questions. At night, the first floor is turned into the stage for the Ca Tru Thang Long performances. The back room, the warehouse, and the kitchen are also on the first floor, helping visitors imagine a Hanoian family’s typical domestic activities.

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The bedroom and the worship room are on the second floor, with some own spaces for family members taking a rest and showing gratitude to their ancestors. Between these rooms are flower pots, helping people get closer to the nature. The walls are painted yellow, and all furniture as well as ornaments are preserved in very good condition.

The house is now open for tourists’ activities and for traditional performing artists. The Old Quarter Management Board has also been doing their best to organize some cultural festivals here to attract tourists’ attention.