Hanoi Charming in Autumn

When the autumn comes to, visitors will be charmed by Hanoi’s beauty, stunned by attractiveness and spellbound by Hanoi’s scenery. Hanoi's autumn begin in September and ends in November. First time in Autumn with soft sunlight and cool, the weather is a little cold but pleasant in late autumn. Autumn is also the best time to travel to Hanoi.

In the autumn, Hanoian’s pace life is very calm and relaxed, it doesn’t like busy Saigonese’s pace life. When travelers come to Hanoi in the autumns, it takes easily for wandering around ancient streets, to allow the soul to fly away with the breeze and to luxuriate in the warm sunshine.  Hanoi’s Autumn can chill out in the cool air that touches every corner of Hanoi.

Romantic scenes of Autumn leaves in Hanoi

On early days of autumn, mild sunlight, Hoan Kiem lake becomes more and more elegant. It’s time branches of trees start to turn into yellow and make the blue sky more outstanding. In September, sesame tree next to Hoan Kiem lake with green and red color makes Hoan Kiem lake more enchanting

In Hanoi autumn, sesame flowers blossom in a corner of Hoan Kiem Lake. Its petals drop down and create brightly colored flower paths. Each year, when having warm sunshine in the north, it is the season of leaf fall. Such kind of tree changes leaves quickly, just in some weeks, green leaves turn into yellow, then fall down and from dry branches, it appears green buds. When the autumn sunlight dyes yellow on roads, corners of street, it is as romantic as a setting in Korean film

A beautiful sunset in Hanoi

There is nowhere in Hanoi for a beautiful sunset view as in West Lake which is described with huge surface and a golden color of afternoon sunlight. The sun falls slowly down from the clouds, as though sinking behind high buildings in the remote horizon. It’s really nice moments of land transfer. Enjoying the sunset on West Lake is a kind of relax feeling.

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There is a beautiful island off the coast of West Lake that are the perfect spots from which to watch the hot Hanoi sun disappear. Or hop on a boat and cruise about on the gentle waves, stained blood-red by the setting sun

Liven up Mid- autumn festival atmosphere in Hanoi

Children in Vietnam like Mid- autumn festival a lot, due to eating alot of mooncakes and get donated the gifts. Especially, the festival is a special occasion to people in a family gather together, eat mooncake and enjoy the full moon. 

Upcoming the Mid-Autumn, the traveler can visit Hang Ma street, where selling many types of mask, lantern, toy, queue for hours to buy few moon cakes at traditional baked cake shop on Thuy Khue street (Tay Ho district), stroll around the Old Quater.  Mid-Autumn festival this year falls on Sep 8. If visiting Hanoi  in this time, traveler will be enjoyed the busy atmosphere festival and the charming streets with thousands of red lantern