Hanoi Old Quarter by night

food tour in hanoi - Hanoi Old Quarter in the night is really amazing and glorious! If one day you go to Hanoi and could not sleep, you can step outside to hear the city breathing nights Hanoi. At night in the idyllic quiet, with realism within a living.

Hanoi daytime hustle, hurry too. It is said that sometimes people that swept away by the rush, do not have enough time to stop and look at the ancient beauty of the 36 city wards of Thang Long thousand years of civilization again. So want to admire the beauty of ancient Hanoi had to wait until night 

Experience Cultural show in Hanoi’s old quarter

Gain a deeper insight into Vietnam’s colorful past as you see expertly wielded puppets performing on the water’s surface or enjoy “ca tru”- the art form has also been named on the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. Take a show tour which is available with My Hanoi Tours to get a full exploration of Hanoi’s culture and history.

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1. Water Puppet Show

 The show is an art form unique to the daily life of Northern Vietnam’s farmers with cultivating, tending buffalo, catching fish as well as other communal entertainment such as dragon dancing, swimming contest and also historical legends. Water Puppet Show‘s  instrumentation includes vocals, drums, wooden bells, cymbals, horns,  (monochord), and bamboo flutes.

2. Four Palaces (Tu Phu) Show

 Tứ Phủ (The Four Palace) is one of the latest shows in Hanoi that can be added as an evening’s activities for visitors staying in Hanoi.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter – Beyond your expectation (Part 1)

The show has been nourish, idealized and arranged for 4 years before officially presented in late February 2016 in Cong Nhan Theatre which is a three-minute walk to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Enjoy night food and drinks  in Hanoi

If you do not know many eateries night in Hanoi. below, Apro Travel recommend some delicious night eatery in Hanoi Old Quater

Terrace restaurant diner next to Dong Xuan night

Beef 27 Hang Ngang (sale from 3 pm to 5 pm)

Chicken Noodle frequency intersection Hang Bo, Luong Van Can (from 5 pm  to 11 pm)

Fish Bun Hang Dau (Open 24/24)

Xôi Nest (from 5 am to sell 1h night)

In addition to the above address, the night market near the restaurant still porridge, noodles, pho ... You can make something that warms the belly on the way.

Much of the street food is found at street corners specifically the three intersections where the roads and traffic cut through the market. For a more relaxing feed food stalls and seating are erected next to the Dong Xuan Market area near the top end of the sprawl. here, There are the menus of Vietnamese dishes, Chinese Hot Pots and of course local beers. Hundreds of eating to be done at Hanoi Night Market.

Drink beer at Ta Hien Street. Ta Hien Street is also popular with passing tourists and backpackers so feel free to join. Hunker down on the tiny plastic chairs and make the most of 5,000 Dong beers ($0.24). By far the cheapest beer I have found in Asia.