Hanoi railway station (Ga Hàng Cỏ) – a historical evidence of Hanoi

Ga Hàng Cỏ is the oldest railway station in Vietnam with more than 100 years of history. It witnessed so many battles, the rise and fall of the city as well as the determined spirit of railway workers there in their effort to protect the key traffic hub of the railway system during the war.

In 1992, Ga Hàng Cỏ was inaugurated and put into operation at the same time with Long Bien bridge. This construction was served as the infrastructure for the Indochina in its attempt to explore the new colony. After long time, Ga Hang Co nowadays still play its important role in the railway system in Vietnam. During the war against the French, Ga Hang Co had transferred thousands of trains and more than 20 millions of passengers in contribution to the effort of Vietnamese military fighting against the American.  

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Nowadays, Ga Hang Co becomes the point where trains departs to the south like Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to experience alone, let’s remember the keyword information as follow:  the trains (night trains) of the Vietnamese national railway company departs from track 1 to 6 (entrance from the front via the main building). The tourist trains to Sa Pa leave from the back of the station. It is usually no problem to cross the tracks, but if you come by taxi, you go already to the right place. The taxi from Old Town to the train station costs around  2 usd (50,000 vnd). If you want to exchange a voucher for a tourist-night train to a real ticket, this is only possible at the rear (smaller) station: pass the railway building right hand and you will find a smaller garage. This opens about 1:30 hours before train leaves. Arriving from Sa Pa by a night train in the morning, taxi drivers already awaits you and want to drive you to Old Town for around 2-5 usd depending on your bargain skill.

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