Hue Imperial Citadel – precious relic sight of Vietnam

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, though there are still on-going restoration on remaining pagodas, over-all it is admirable to see that the Imperial Citadel is successfully preserved- both structures and ambiance. It is protected by a high outer walled fortress and a surrounding moat with waters taken from the river. The citadel can be easily identified even if you are standing across the bridge on the other side of the river mainly because of the 33.4m height flag tower.

Let’s imagine a maze where you need to enter many doors and cross many gates just to find your way towards the center of the seat of power is how to best describe the Imperial Citadel.

It is a vast complex of palaces and pagodas divided into three circle of ramparts- the exterior circle called Kinh Thanh Hue (Capital Citadel) mainly used for defense, the Hoang Thanh or the Royal Citadel which consists of temples and palaces used for ceremonies and the innermost circle, the Forbidden Citadel (Tu Cam Thanh), the one reserved for the Emperor and his family.

There is a huge potential to get lost inside the 520 hectares citadel particularly when you are exploring alone in the afternoon few hours before they close all the gates and asked all tourist to exit, just because you find much enjoyment entering every remaining accessible gates there is.



After all, there will come a point that you may want to ditch the piece of information in your hand with list of names of every palace and pagodas and instead, all you wanted to do is cover every inch of the place with no sense of direction.

Nowadays, visitors are encouraged to be king and queen for a day, trying out the free costumes and a photo opportunity completed with a white horse and a carriage.

There is no difficulty getting to the Imperial City. From Phu Bai International Airport, head straight to 1A Highway and you’ll be standing right next to a massive gate leading its way inside; just prepare 50.000 VND (2 usd) for the ticket and all there’s left for you to do is sightseeing the magnificence of the Imperial City of Hue. Book a great tour with Apro Travel (, and enjoy our Hue tours or Hue day trips to discover more about this ancient and mysterious citadel.