Indoor Rock- Climbing in Hanoi

For many developed countries, indoor climbing sport is familiar, but in Vietnam a few years ago it began rekindled from mountaineering club Vietclimb

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Located in No.40, Lane 76, An Duong Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, VietClimb is a professional indoor climbing operator in Hanoi, aiming at motivating people of every age to explore and practice recreational climbing as a fitness workout and a healthy activity, both inside the gym and outside at the cliffs. From the present climbing basic movement to the competition level to inspire in a Vietnamese new generation of climbers. Unlike outdoor climbing needs a lot of dedicated equipment, indoor rock climbing just a specialized climbing shoes and dress neatly, the comfort is that players can begin to climb

At present, the Vietclimb Club consists of two gymnasiums, one for adults with complex land that cause difficulties for the climbers and the other for children. In each gymnasium was built rough climbing walls resemble the natural rock cliffs with colorful plastic handholds that serve as hold to help rock climbers to climb. There is a wide range of climbing walls available from toddler-friendly to advanced; from natural rock-realistic to colorful and bright. Based on the color of the handholds, the rock-climbers know the level of the exercise. For instance, yellow is for the easiest, then orange, green, blue, black and red in ascending order of difficulty.

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To avoid adventure injury, all the equipment of indoor climbing is imported from Europe and installed meeting international standards as well the floor is covered with a 40cm thick pad that protects the climbers should they fall while climbing. warming ups and stretch in the best style possible. Stretching improves circulation and flexibility which transfer to improved climbing technique. Prior to climbing, take at least a half hour to get the muscles and joints limbered. This simple step of stretching and warming up makes the difference between several grades of difficulty and already help prevent injury. Climbers using good climbing technique will work for many muscle groups and position their limbs in extreme positions which are not used during daily life. Stretching and warming up helps the joints, ligaments, muscles move and last a little longer. This will instill good habits for harder territory.

For beginners, it often takes at least 20 minutes to get familiar with the sport and then you can climb with enthusiastic and careful instructions by many enthusiasm trainers or watch others who move well, analyze what makes them good climbers and try to emulate their techniques

Spending short time in sightseeing Hanoi tour to join indoor climbing. This helps not only keep fitness but also be relax and entertainment