Ionah Show- an artistic entertainment program in Hanoi

Releasing the 3rd, 5th, 7th weekly at Star Galaxy Theater (87 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi), Ionah dragged 280 to 300 spectators to enjoy for every play.  Star Galaxy Theater starting debut from May 9, 2015 . This is very first variety show in Hanoi which is a combination of circus, dance, theater, music and visual effects. 

Ionah is a backward of the name of the city (Hanoi) in English. The name of the program was partly reflects expectations of the program crew. The content of Ionah Show gives viewers a breath of Vietnam in the colorful atmosphere of modern.  Ionah staged in Hanoi, program production crew is also the artist spent much affection for this place. A  Ionah  ticket will become a gift is made from a unique love that the production crew to give both domestic and traveler audience in Hanoi. Ionah show is brought to audience by a creative team which includes the most Vietnam famous and talented artists Enjoying Ionah show, the audience will be surprised to encounter Hanoi hidden elements of a new and subtle ways throughout the play. The familiar street corner, the usual scene becomes particularly sparkling display under the spotlight, and a modern city but still full of dreams in strange love story of young couples

The most prominent plays in Ionah show tells about a fantastic Hanoian girl– into her inner soul, where she meets up with many cruel and brutal creatures which try to harm her, and is finally saved by ones from the good side. After all, Ionah liberates herself from the darkness inside her soul as well as realizes the beauty of life and love. On TripAdvisor and facebook fan page of Ionah show, there are many negative comments from audiences who enjoyed the show said it was beyond their expectation after the show. In the whole, the stage, the costumes, the performers, the light effects… are all impressive and make them feel like being lost in a little Wonderland.

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Nowadays, in the background of many modern entertainment complex like Ionah Show is  constantly launched young people come here to enjoy a blend of traditional art and contemporary. Ionah Show is a special program to do exactly the opposite : pull the young people to the stage of the opera house, relaxing and admiring for the professional and talented artists. Each performance, in the theater Star Galaxy,  Auditorium has an area of moderate and low arc allows artists and audiences interact each other

                                            Image: The priority of Hanoian to enjoy Ionah Show

 The play is one of Hanoi’s most unique cultural activities and is enthusiastically embraced by local audiences and visitors alike. It's absolutely highlighted in Hanoi Tour to meet the diversity demands of Hanoian and touristIonah show is a also good choice for foreigner travelers who want to have great experiences and memorable moments with their friends and family in Hanoi. The ticket for enjoying the show also could be easily found at all hotels, travel agencies and at the ticket box of Star Galaxy Theater.