List of Hanoi traditional handicraft Villages

Hanoi tourist - Hanoi is famous for a lot of traditional handicraft villages; every village has a different product. If you are planning to visit and learn about the cultural values - artistic and buy national - characterized souvenirs, these traditional handicraft villages is a great choice for you.

Bat Trang pottery village

Located in Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam district, Bat Trang pottery village where has an advantage of ingredients to create fine ceramics, about 14km far away from the city center.

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Bat Trang ceramics are produced for daily household use (bow, cup, plates, pot, bottle…), worshipping, or decoration purposes. Nowadays, the pottery artists bring into ceramics many innovations in production techniques, and creativity in products’ features, hence many new products have been born, and even daily household items may have the beauty like decoration ones

Visiting Bat Trang, tourists can take a walk or join a buffalo tour for sightseeing, shopping as well visiting Bat Trang porcelain and pottery market where they can directly make pottery products by themselves.

Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc silk Village has been known for its smooth, lightweight, and elegant appearance. Especially, a traditional kind of silk called Van Silk made in Van Phuc make the wearers feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Nowadays, to satisfy various demand for silk of the market, Van Phuc silk producers have expanded their silk and garment goods like embroidered silk, wrinkled silk, double layers and more colors for silk products

Recently, although the weaving has been mechanized for higher productivity, there are still simple manual looms in some houses in the village which help tourists contemplate the genuinely traditional Vietnamese way of making silk.

Tourists can join Van Phuc Silk village journey available in travel agencies, or visit Van Phuc on their owns by car, motorbike, or catch the local bus 02, 21 then walk 500m to reach the village

Thach Xa bamboo dragonfly Village

Thach Xa Village is located at the foot of the Tay Phuong Mountains not only known for Che Lam (A Special cake with the main ingredients: Molasses,  brown sugar, Fresh ginger, Glutinous flour, peanuts) specialties but also famous for serving as a unique bamboo dragonfly.

Craft man has to buy bamboo from distant mountainous areas, such as Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, and Lang Son because the materials in these areas are pliable, durable and resistant to termites. From April or May to New Year, Thach Xa Village is most bustling. Although only about 10 households in the village are engaged in the craft of making bamboo dragonflies, the village is always crowded with craftsmen and customers who come to place orders or buy products.

Dao Xa Traditional instruments Village

For more than 200 years, Dao Xa Village has produced numerous musical instrument makers, but their number has dwindled dramatically, with only one man left to carry the torch today. Vietnam is home to hundreds of traditional instruments, with no more than 30 being widely known, such as the monochord, the Vietnamese zither or the cylindrical drum.

The basic principle of making a perfect instrument is choosing the right wood and that an artisan has to know just by holding the piece of wood what kind of sound it will produce. for whom love traditional musical instruments travel from far away to Dao Xa village just to buy a high-quality instrument made by Soan because of its unique sound.