Losting in Saigon streetfoods paradise

During Sai Gon Tour, you’ll try everyday Vietnamese dishes, some with a little taste of France, some with a little taste of China. There’s even a little taste of Korea!

Bo la lot

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Bo la lot consists of beef marinated in fish sauce, lemongrass, and garlic, wrapped in betel leaves, or la lot, and then grilled over hot coals. While the fish sauce and lemongrass gives the beef its unlike Vietnamese flavor, the betel nut gives it a herbaceous, almost peppery taste.

Like some traditional grab foods, the normally way of eating bo la lop is to grab a piece of lettuce then place some banh hoi (bundles of thin rice vermicelli noodles) on it to help soak up the juices flowing from the wrapped beef, which you put on next. After that, it’s all about your own preference in flora

Bò Bía

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Bò Bía looks like a mini-version of goi cuon with its distinctive rice paper wrapper, but this is where Vietnam’s influence ends and China take over with brings bold flavors and interesting textures from start to finish

Bò bía contains a lot of different ingredients ( jicama, julienned, carrots, grated, eggs, garlic cloves, minced) but the only time-consuming and tedious step is julienning the jicama and grating the carrots

Most bò bía vendors can be found wandering the streets of Ho Chi Minh City on bicycles and you’ll probably hear them before you see them. These vendors only serve takeaway portions, with everything placed in plastic bags. That is fine for the rolls, but it makes for a frustrating eating experience when trying to dip the bò bía into the sauce in the bag

Bánh mì (Vietnamese Bread)

Banh mi can be purchased right at the roadside stalls or from the street vendors, in many the alleys of the city or even in the bus terminals and train station

Vietnamese Bread is also special for its diverse tastes. It has a pretty low price, only VND10000-VND35000 per loaf, which answers the question why Vietnamese rarely bake their own bread at home.

Pho ( Vietnamese noodle )

Pho is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner; from the highest tables in the land to street vendors with makeshift plastic tables.  You can buy them dried or fresh

Compulsory ingredients in a Vietnamese noodle is the legendary rice-noodle soup made with beef or clear soup kitchen, herb and vegetable garnishes because Vietnam has a tropical climate, so all sorts of produce grow basically year-round.

“ Ai phở đi” so common for the local people those who living in Saigon. Street food vendors attracting the attention of the workers, the traveler coming to Saigon.  In Saigon tour, it so incomplete if you leave Vietnam without trying pho.

After the night shift, The worker stops in vendor and enjoy the really hot Vietnamese noodle bowl. Compare to Hanoi, the price of a Vietnamese noodle in Ho Chi Minh city bowl cheaper than VND 10.000 to 15.000 fluctuations.

Besides, in Ho Chi Minh city, there are so many vendors in front of the school, industrial park buying for the worker, student. Especial in the night market, the travelers has the chance of trying many colorful street foods.

Let’s coming to Saigon and tasty street foods in Saigon Tour