Moc Chau Plateau Got To Be There

Things to know

1,050 meters above the sea level, Moc Chau Plateau is located in Son La province, approximately 180 km from Hanoi. Covering a large area, the plateau surprises visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and tranquility. It may take you some time to gaze at the whole picturesque scenery, and herd of cows, tea plantations and plum flowers in full blossom (in Loong Luong) possibly make you come back here at least once.  

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Time and Activities

It is hard to decide as each season brings a different vibe. The beauty of the nature during four following periods of time can make your decision on when to set off the trip harder than you think.  

Before and after Tet holiday (from the end of January to February)

This is the greatest time for anyone crazy about flowers. The spring turns Moc Chau into a vast green space with plum and peach flowers in full bloom on the roads down hills. You can stop at any plum garden to take a photo, enjoying the light breeze and watching soft petals swinging in the spring wind. Well, the image of innocent children in traditional costumes standing next to rough bark trees and smiling like sunshine could make your heart melt, too.  

In March 

If you ever heard of Bauhinia variegate (one type of orchid), it would be a perfect time to touch this snow white flowers. Although such hot colors as pink and bright red can be inspiring, the purity of this flower brings as much sparkle and brightness as any flower lover could expect. Also, the Het Cha Festival of Thai people in Son La held on 26th of March is more than a charm with dancing teams and the Neu bamboo tree decorated with images of humans, gongs, mortar, pestle, and birds. 

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From April to August 

A chance to enjoy a breath of fresh air is the most precious gift from the nature. This time gives you an escape from a chaotic Hanoi full of work pressures and traffic at rush hour. The blossom time is over, but these months allow you to pick some juiciest plums and peaches. This occasion gives you a chance to visit cow plantations and take a rest in collective farms nearby. Travelling to Moc Chau this time may seem doubtful at first, but once you decide, it may be beyond your expectation. Boundless pastures, tea trees, friendly people working in the fields and the way the land welcome you would be the most unforgettable experience.  

In September 

This is the time to go for those falling in love with traditions and history. The Independence Tet and the organization of exciting activities are worth exploring. Folk games, cultural camps and other communal competitions help increase the solidarity and patriotism among Vietnamese people. This time attracts both locals and foreigners whose interest lies in both landscapes of great beauty and historic events. 

The street never sleeps, doors never closed

From October to February

The yellow shade of Mexican flowers and rape flowers (scientifically called Brassica) dominates Moc Chau land. The striking red poinsettia also helps create a breathtakingly picture that cannot be found anywhere else. The beauty of flowers may encourage you to pluck them, but there is someone inside you whispering that it is better to let them be a lovely feature of the nature picture.