My Khe beach – the most beautiful beach in Da Nang city

Considered to be Vietnam's most picturesque beach, the white sandy 20-mile stretch of My Khe Beach was named by the American troops who visited during the Vietnam War for R&R. It offers excellent surfing from September just off the shores of Danang. There are also a number of high-end resorts within the vicinity should you be in need of pampering with most offering a rich choice of treatments at their spas and a range of dining options. Sunbathing and surfing aside, there is a host of historical sites situated close by including the port of Hoi An which is only 10 minutes away by bus and offers wonderfully preserved merchant houses and small alleyways to explore. Hoi An in Da Nang day trips, is also a superb place to get anything you desire tailor made usually within 12 hours, and while you wait it’s definitely recommended that you try some local delights including very fresh shrimp pancakes

This picturesque  beach meets all the requirements of a luxurious beach, including easy traffic and access, free admission for tourists, long and flat sand shore, convenience for sea sports, a variety of high-class resorts and international standard villas, said the magazine. Hence, it’s no surprise when My Khe is one in among dozen of fairy landscapes in Da Nang, which is well-known for its good provincial management as well. How long would you expect to stay here? One week or two weeks? As one week holiday in Da Nang seems not enough for one to explore the charming city and even when having time for all the landscapes, the friendly coastal city in the Center of Vietnam is still inviting them back. And for recently years , there has been a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting the beach.

Hoi An ancient town – a private peaceful world in Da Nang

It is a magnet for sun seekers and those who like the feel of sand between their toes. This is a stunning, tropical island style beach. Silky white sand and delightful palm trees, fringe the turquoise blue waters of the ocean. It is long, as well, seemingly going on forever. The mountains offer the perfect backdrop, making this a very special place, indeed.  

want quiet and privacy, go to My Khe during the normal working hours. Furthermore, My Khe beach’s natural environment for tourism is quite good. In summer days, a trip to My Khe beach is really ideal. Leaving all the trouble and tiredness behind and resting yourself in the cool water will get you out of the hustle and bustle city life.

Additionally, there are many choices for you to take part in some exciting activities like fishing, water-skiing, diving, a yacht race and so on in Da Nang tours. My Khe Beach is good for swimming all year round, but especially in Summer from May to August when the waves are gentle. Besides, lifeguard teams work from 5am to 8pm daily to ensure the safety of swimmers.