New look of Hanoi Opera House

Day tour in hanoi - Standing strongly in the heart of Hanoi, the opera house was located in a beautiful intersection downtown, where five main city roads lead to. The building was completed in 1911 after 10 years of construction in the style of Opera de Paris, by two French architects, Broyerand V. Harley

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For a long time, Hanoi Opera House has been a gathering for those who love the theatrical performance and traditional songs and music, symphonies, opera and classical opera. It is also a tourist attraction for local and foreign visitors.

The Hanoi Opera House is being first time renovations repaired and re-painted) after the first restoration 20 years ago. The entire facade of the building has been painted white and yellow, which is different from the original paint and flags of the same bright color were used to warn of cholera during the French colonial time. That year, the work was restored Opera House in a very scientific and methodical, the scale has seen this job as the restoration an important cultural heritage. Although it was not yet recognized a national relic work at that time, the restoration was conducted under the guidance of Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and the Minister of Culture and Information Nguyen Khoa Diem.

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Hanoi Opera House is a worthy artistic center, a cultural and architectural relic of the capital Hanoi. This is truly a beautiful building in Hanoi and the best place to see the Opera House is from the 6th floor of the Hanoi Hilton.

After nearly 100 years of operation, the theater’s equipment and decoration became old and run down, remodeling is the essential to request. Below are changing panorama of Hanoi Opera House