Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village in Da nang

Apart from Da nang great beaches and beautiful landscapes,  Non Nuoc stone carving village is a typical and unique craft village to the south of the city. Situated right at the foot of the Marble Mountains to the southeast of Da Nang City. As the results, no one visits the Marble Mountains without also visiting the NonNuoc Stone carving Village, where both nationally and internationally famous marble handicrafts are produced

This craft village has a proud history within more than 200 years. The father’s name of this village was Huynh Ba Quat. He is an artisan from Thanh Hoa province. In the late 18th  century, he and his local hometown brought their families to live in this village. the number of local people working stone carving gradually increase day by day . after for a century, the stone carving village became a traditional professional of the villagers. Products of the village today become exports which bring own high artistic values.

Coming to NonNuoc Stone Carving Village, tourists will be enraptured by pretty exquisite sculptures made from stone. Each piece of work expresses the skill and sophistication of artisans. Tourists will comfortably sightsee a variety of product categories, from Buddha statues, human statues, statues of Vietnam celebrities to decorative household products such as ashtrays, toothpick canister, millstone; jewelry such as bracelets, rings, neck strap. All sample are precise and extremely crafty carved.

In this tour, foreign tourists coming here admire the talent of sculpture artisans and their unique products. especially, the craft village owns many masterpieces which were exhibited in many countries all over the world, such as Dang Xuan currently on display in Sydney,  Flat palm hat with fringes on display at Kiri amusement parks, or Layout built in a national park in New Zealand.

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Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village’s product not only widely purchase within the country but also consume through many large markets worldwide. To meet diversity customer’s demand, quality, design and sophistication of products are thus increasingly high. Many businesspersons or tourists from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, France, Canada, Netherlands, United States has signed a contract to purchase products at NonNuoc stone carving village. That clearly confirmed the quality, artist values, and creativity of NonNuoc Stone Carving Village’ artist.

Nowadays, this village still keeps more than 300 production facilities with thousands of employees. These facilities are also located close to Marble Mountains, which is convenient for the display and sale of products, contributing to promoting Vietnam culture and tourism in Da Nang to the public and international friends.

NonNuoc Stone Carving Village is a must - visit tourist attraction during any visit to Da nang city. In Da nang Tour, you will have an opportunity to explore a local craft village and watch skillful carvers creating their beautiful sculptures. NonNuoc Stone Carving Village has contributed to turning Marble Mountains into an appealing tourist attraction to domestic and international tourists as well.