One Pillar Pagoda – one of most wanted beauty spot in Hanoi

According to legend, the One Pillar Pagoda (Vietnamese:Chùa Một Cột, formally Diên Hựu tự  , which literally means “long lasting happiness and good luck”) is a historic Buddhist temple in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. As you visit Hanoi and join our Hanoi city tours, you would have chances to contemplate this ancient pagoda and many other monuments, parks and historical places. Yet, the One-Pillar Pagoda reflects the architectural splendor that the country has grown.

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As in history, during the time of Emperor Ly Thai To of the Ly dynasty, who had no children, used to go to pagodas to pray to Buddha for a son. One night, he dreamt that he was granted a private audience to the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, who was seated on a great lotus flower in a square-shaped lotus pond on the western side of Thang Long Citadel, gave the King a baby boy. Months later, when the Queen gave birth to a male child, the Emperor ordered the construction of a pagoda supported by only one pillar to resemble the lotus seat of his dream in the honour of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. According to a theory, the pagoda was built in a style of a lotus emerging out of the water. Then the emperor constructed in gratitude for the mentioned significant legendary event in 1049, by erecting a pillar in the middle of a lotus pond, and a temple of lotus-shape, exactly similar to what he saw in the dream. This unique shape of the pagoda together with the special story has been of great absorption to hundreds of thousands of international tourists!

As time went by, the pagoda succumbed to many ravages caused by the colonial powers. In 1954, the French Union forces destroyed the pagoda before withdrawing from Vietnam after the First Indochina War, and it was rebuilt afterwards.

Nowadays, the pagoda has new form recovered in 1955 when it was refurbished with a concrete pillar from its remnants by the Vietnamese government. Today's structure can be just called the replica of the original pagoda, which was a large building. Locals believe that if you pray here, it will invoke well-beings and prosperity.

Its opening time is 08:00 a.m to 05:00 p.m every day with free entrance. However, please care for your clothes when visiting this solemn place: full-length clothes are highly recommended when you visit the One-Pillar Pagoda as well as other pagodas in the nation.

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