Saigon 3A Station for graffiti lover

If you want to find a place that is part of the art scene, peaceful but still totally young, you’ve highly recommendation to coming to the 3A Station at 3A-3B. Amazing wall graffiti for cool photo shoots, unique craft products, and colorful buildings… are among the things you can see here.

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Located in 3A Ton Duc Thang, the heart of district 1, 3A Station is a new Saigon’s attraction where almost Saigon artists and creative minds from different disciplines as well as businesses come together. This idea sketched out so far behind the still developing 3A Station Grand opening since April 2014, motorbikes is closed off, traveler already had some young, local graffiti artists work on the old warehouses’ walls. On the April 6, the first warehouse opened its doors to the public; adding to the already existing Mai Gallery, a fashion space including independent designers The 3A Station is kept out of the sight at the end of a small alley in the center of noisy Saigon, but whenever you find it, you will find yourself in an imagination world – a world of absolute peace which hidden you from the city’s hurry and confusion.

Here, the traveler can come by a small café shop, enjoy a cup of typical Saigonese coffee, and immerse yourself in timeless love songs and romantic spaces. These buildings were updated by young architects who know about contemporary arts, thus it’s no surprise at all if you find yourself breathless and feel like you are standing on a random corner in London or Paris! 3A Station is a 2000 m2 space by using three abandoned warehouses which being renovate and converted into spaces for galleries, shopping areas, consignment warehouses and coffee shops. Also, the courtyard as well as other units is frequently chosen as the venue for popular activities for young people such as: weekend fairs, mini shows, and street performances, fashion show…all of which proves that the 3A Station is quickly becoming the place to be in Saigon Very vast graffiti paintings show the way to the main hall of 3A Station, where traveler can browse for about 20 fashion and accessory and household items brands. Saigon handicraft and pottery products of Sadec District Store founded by a team of fabulous photographers and stylists

Inside out the 3A Station are a workshop with antique furniture pieces. Other items such as bowls, plates, pottery designed in traditional style, equally unique and modern… are also exhibited and sold in Sai Gon 3A Station space. The owners of each booth, who are painters, artists, photographers, filmmakers, or designers working in the domain of art and culture, design their booths in their own style. Nearby, there is a fairly large exhibition area. All the walls of the gallery are covered with multi-color paper box - style paintings, abstract paintings, or even sketches of Hanoi. A gallery named after its owner - Mai's Gallery – was one of the earliest activities at the 3A Station