Saigon flea market- perfect option for shopaholic

Flea Market, which is specialized focus those wishing to sell old family furniture, handmade products, DIY (stands for do it yourself) products. However, when coming to Saigon, this fair-style flexibility gradually become a place for young fulfilling business, they sell enough of the product both hot fashion trend until vintage furniture, cosmetic goods, cosmetic handmade. Organizations often, diversity items, located in a central location, rather soft procurement price. Apro Travel suggests some Flea Market below always has a large number of tourists.

2 day Sale

2 day Sale in front of Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1, near Ben Thanh Market. Right from the early days of operation, Flea Market has clearly confirmed its orientation is to serve the young.

The Organizing Committee of the fair in which that product refinement of the registration booth to suit the target audience, so it is not unusual when Saturday - Sunday, here again crowded with you the young who still are wearing, of course, they are shopaholic

Sale 4share

Periodically held every 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday of the week of each month in the field of the stadium Nguyen Du District 1, Sale 4 share fair has the second largest area of Saigon.

Located downtown, the large scale with hundreds of furniture items to serve time, dozens of large and small stalls to meet the demand for food to fun, entertaining as Tarot fortune-telling fun, festival hair, henna painting, outdoor fairs Sale 4share especially attract young people, students, and office workers 

Viet’s Corner Flea Market 

Located in an alley across the  Suong Nguyet Anh Street. Viet's Corner District 1, alongside style rather family when encapsulated many booths in a large three-story house. Understanding typical Saigon climate hot muggy, Viet's Corner afternoon customers filled house air conditioning, no ceiling fan, so just push the door into a purchase you will receive shortly breeze air conditioning, no longer afraid that the sun irritation choose comfortable furniture, fitting, even want to linger longer to avoid the sun

                                             Vintage item buy in almost Saigon Flea Market

Besides shopping, Flea Market also dedicated the 3rd  floor - the terrace as a dining area is selling snacks like milk tea, fried noodles for lodging after the really stressful shopping time. Open every Saturday and Sundays from 10 am to about 8 pm, every week there are different booths should come here every week, though, you still find satisfactory belonging.

Saigon Flea Market

Usually held at the Starlight Bridge area, Saigon Flea Market could be considered a form of 1st outdoor fairs appeared in the city

               Saigon Flea Market is the 1st outdoor fairs appeared in the city

Also located in the new residential area, view luxury as foreign suburbs, the attractions of Saigon Flea Market, also located in the many fashion products, unique home décor that can not be found at the opportunity other markets. Not only that, Flea Market also has many food stalls, food and excellent music for guests to relax drop shopping station. Each month, Saigon Flea Market 2 times meeting on the first and 3rd  Sunday of the month

The emergence of Saigon flea market added new color to the retail market in this dynamic city, and is creating opportunities for students and fresh university graduates to practice their business skills and explore their own potential in a city of ten million people, thanks to the cheap investment it takes to operate a stall. Also, shopping lover can buy exclusive items, beautiful, strange with affordable price