Saigon guides A- Z

Saigon is up there with Vietnam’s tourist city. The beautiful landscape and climate mark out Vietnam’ south, center, and north are all plentifully showcased. For the first time visitor to Saigon unfamiliarity less recently, AproTravel with guidance and recommendations for full of life angular Saigon

Overview of Saigon’s weather

Saigon is blessed with an enjoyable climate all year round. With the tropical monsoon climate, the weather in Saigon divides into two distinct seasons: rainy and dry and the temperature is high and stable all year round. The rainy season starts from June to November with the unpredictable rains from May to October. 

                                                 A sudden rain in Saigon

Because of sudden rain but no last long So that, all over the year, Ho Chi Minh City always appropriate that be chosen as the ideal destination for your trip.¨Sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon¨ (sáng nắng, chiều mưa) is the common sentence when people talking about the weather in this Vietnam’s biggest and busiest city. The big rains will come any time even though the sun is shining. Sometimes when it is suddenly rain, you have just worn the raincoat and it suddenly stops.  Surely maybe traveler will go crazy but certainly, the erratic rain makes a unique Saigon

How to get to Saigon?

The first one is traveling from Hanoi by train. You can buy tickets at Hanoi train station with a variety kind of tickets like soft chairs, hard chairs, beds... The fastest train - ¨Thong Nhat (Reunification) between Hanoi - Saigon takes you 30 hours. For this choice, the traveler will have a chance to sightseeing the passing province outside scene.

                                    Using the train for transfer is the amazing experience

Another choice, you can transfer by coach (xe đò) with about VND 900.000  for a bed chair (inclusive food and drink during the journey). Transferring time much longer than the train. It is about 30 – 40 hours.

The best option for you is booking a flight because it does not last much time to transfer. It takes only 1 hour 50 minutes from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and the airfares are not too high if you have travel planning few months before your departure date by hunting promotion and cheap tickets. Besides that, Tan Son Nhat international airport is located inside Ho Chi Minh city so it will have you save the time and transfer fee for moving

Where to hang out in Saigon

Whether you are looking for relaxing background melody or a peaceful atmosphere session, Vietnam’s largest city has a place for you.

Downtown in District 1, rooftop bars, high-rolling casinos and smooth jazz bands are the choice forms of Saigon nightlife entertainment. But move a few kilometers west of District 3 and the backpacker street of Pham Ngu Lao, with its energetic street bars, cheap eats, and good time vibe is certainly the place to be when night falls

What to buy in Saigon


Saigon’s shopping scene offers more than just boutique outlets and generic shopping malls. Great for enjoying the local culture, traditional street markets are throw in various random in the whole city with local vendors selling fresh produce