Saigon tours – Heaven of street food

1.  Cơm tấm (Tam rice)

When never refer to Saigon tours ( Ho chi minh tours), most of foreign tourist would thank about Com Tam. This dish is so much popular in Saigon that the local people here have it not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner. It is interesting that the name Com Tam was origined from a type of rice (Tam rice). The cook chooses the Tam rice to make various dishes like: Com Tam ga quay (fried chicken with Tam rice), Cam Tam Suon Bi (barbecued pork chop with Tam rice). You then have it with vegetable pickles, a small bow of broth and sweeten – sour fish sauce. And a glass of tea ice would make your meal wonderful. Suggestions for best place selling Com Tam is on Phan Chu Trinh street, or near the tenement Phan Xich Long, Le Van LInh street where you can have Com Tam from 18.00pm till mid night.

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2. Báng tráng Trảng Bàng (Trang Bang rice cake)

This dish is origined from Trang Bang village in Tay Ninh province but surprisingly become very popular in Saigon. And maybe the most nominated restaurant is Trang Bang Hoang Ty at No. 70, Vo Van Tan street. With this unique rice cake, you will be served with abundant of herbs húng lủi, cần nước, tía tô, dấp cá, hẹ, ngò…Moreover, they will pick young leaves or wild vegetables near the river bank or springs like lá cóc, trâm ổi, lá nhái, lá lụa, đọt vừng, đọt kim cang, đọt lá xộp, quế, đọt bứa, rau câu, lá cách.  To sum up, you will have more than different type of herbs to mix up 

3. Hủ tiếu Nam Vang (Nam Van noodle with seasoned and sautee beef)

Hủ tiếu Nam Vang is classified as the multiracial dish because it was origined from Cambodia, but well cook by the Chinese and much popular in Saigon. It is listed behind only Cam Tam. To make the dish more delicious, you should have it with shrimp, liver, quail egg, cuttlefish, etc and abundant types of herbs which interesting Vietnamese names like rau cần, tần ô, hẹ, xà lách, giá… You have 2 choice fo have Hu Tieu: dried type or wet type. Dried Hu Tieu is served separately with the cloth and added with sya sauce, fried garlic which is new variation of the traditional wet type.  If you have time, let’s come to famous and long time restaurant of Hu Tieu like: Hong Phat restaurant in Vo Van Tan street, TyLum, Liến Húa on Cao Thang street, or at Nguyen Dinh Chieu street in district 3 is also a good one to taste this great specialties of Saigon.

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4. Mỳ vịt tiềm (stew duck)

Mỳ vịt tiềm is 100% dish of the Chinese. Its taste quite difficult on the first try, however, when you are familiar with the special flavor this stew duck, you will love it: the noodle is soft but still tough enough while the cloth is really a masterpiece of the cook, imbued with Chinese traditional medicine, very good for your health. And to make a reference, do not miss the Hai Ky My Gia restaurant in 349 Nguyen Trai street or Luong Ky My Gia restaurant in No.1 Huynh Man Dat street

5. Bánh xèo chảo (fried rice pancake)

Banh xeo in Saigon has a bigger size than in Hanoi. How does it taste? It has the flavor of shrimp and the lean & fat meat mixed fried well in hot oil on the base of yeallow powder cake. When the cook making this cake, the cake will make funny noise and hence, people call such noise as the name of the pancake. You can have Banh Xeo easily on the street or in a restaurant to avoid the heat in summer days. And one more thing, do not forget the sour & sweeten sauce accompanying with Banh Xeo. As the local people praising: the sauce is the soul of Banh Xeo. Let come to Bà Hai Bánh Xèo kiosk at No. 119 Nguyễn Văn Linh, behind the Xom Chieu market to see how the cook creat Banh Xeo and enjoy it right on the pan.

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6. Bún mắm (rice vermicelli with fish cloth)

Frankly speaking, this Bun Mam dish is quite smell for first taste, however, once you have eat this, you will fall in love with the special cloth of this dish. Bun Mam is specialties of the people in the southwest of Vietnam. Normally, the cook will stew Linh fish, Sac fish, Loc fish, etc until the cloth is sweet and strong naturally from the fish meat, not from other species. Then, they add special fish sauce into the cloth. To have a full bowl of Bun mam, you will need extra rice vermicelli, herbs, shrimp, and fish meat if you like, even pork meat of beef that make the Bun mam more delicious and more attractive.

There is a corner at Minh Phung – Hau Giang crossroad in district 6 that selling Bun mam from early morning until mid night. Let’s drop here if you want to know what is the naturally cloth flavor from fish meat.

Apart from the most delicious street foods in Saigon mentioned above, you will find out hundreds of other street food in Saigon city, if you have time and enthusiasm in this dynamic city. Let’s take a walk around your hotel, and try any dish recommend by your tour guide or follow your intuition to the heaven of street food there.