Soi Sim Beautiful Beach in Ha Long

Soi Sim Beach isn’t too huge island with the area of 8.7 hectares.  Located 12km west of Ha Long City,  the beach and the island has the very potential geological formation in which 2/3 covered by Feralit and Soil weathered by the wind. It also includes a natural forest with varieties of flora and fauna, and plants endemic to Halong Bay Ecology.

                           Many foreigners opts Son Sim Beach because of nature and pristine

According to the recent survey, the island has been obtained about hundreds of millions of years ago and surrounded by the sea then there are endemic plants. This is the inevitable result of thousands of years isolated from the mainland. The original of Soi Sim derived from the ancient story that there were a lot of Tomentose rose myrtle alive at the island then the local people called it Soi Sim. It’s remarkable that Sim trees often bloom and bear fruit annual between March and August.  Sim fruits are quite good for the health.  According to traditional medicine so the traveler can taste its fruit if coming here in July or August. 

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Moreover, the traveler can also enjoy Ha Long Bay overview from the highest peak of this island. This is the wonderful place for a photo walk and others activitiesComparing with many attractions in Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim beach is pretty new because it has just been opened for 10 years. Soi Sim island and beach attract tourist by its green color of plants, wild scene, quiet atmosphere, clean and clear-cut emerald water, you will even witness the school of fish underneath… That is the reason why people like to swim there.

Especial, along with a white sandy crescent-shaped stretch that hugs the outline of the Soi Sim Island, the water is shallow. That means, it absolutely safe for swimming under instruction. Its landscape is impressed traveler by shady umbrellas abound. Relax, kick back on the beat, lying on huge beach towels.  Notice that the more sporty among the guests climbing up a hill on a small natural trail. Once on top, the traveler has the great opportunity enjoy the moment – a panoramic view of a world’s heritage. Definitely a photo hunt moment.

                                  Very popular Long-tailed spindle in  Soi Sim Beach

There are many ancient trees on an island. The Ha Long Bay Management Board is going to build a system of guesthouses equipped with modern facilities. At present, a small beach has been improved and upgraded, adding more charm to the attractive holiday resort

Getting Soi Sim Island, you can easily reach here either by getting Coach (SIC) tickets at the Ha Long wharf or book a cruise trip including this Soi Sim Beach and Island. With those extreme values, Soi Sim Island is an important part of Ha Long Bay and now becoming a must-see for tourists who visits the Bay.