Son Tra Peninsular

If you ever have a chance to visit Son Tra Peninsula, do not forget to stay at one of the villages built on the mountains; those comfortable villages not only overlook the beautiful beaches and jungles, but also provide you a fresh and invigorating atmosphere. Besides, you can always enjoy fishing and get to know the lives of the inhabitants whenever you want. Da Nang means Son Tra peninsula, so come and get the real feeling of a different Vietnam.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter – Beyond your expectation

Coming to Son Tra, you will have a chance to contemplate the city in different heights, in which each high level will bring a characteristics and a feeling about the lovely city, like each gamut of human emotions. Standing right in Son Tra Peninsula, tourists will not avoid the amazement before the primitive forests which fully owns typical and precious values on biological diversity and history. Son Tra Peninsula is located in the fresh cool climate. Thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes along with diverse flora and fauna, it is home for all tourists to spend their relaxation and vacation, organize memorable camping, picnic, or discover the fascinating and little risky phase of pristine jungle.

Son Tra Peninsula is a government protected natural forest, with the shoreline and jungle forming a natural barrier from storms and cyclones for Danang City. For this reason, this area is a botanist’s dream, with many rare species of flora and fauna to be found. The site covers over 30,000 square kilometers and is home to over three hundred varieties of plants and many rare and endangered species of animals. Upon one side, at the foot of the mountain is the stone stream, named Suoi Da in Vietnamese. The stream is so named because the waves from the sea gently roll up the stream, and over the centuries this has caused interesting rock formations to be pushed up along the shoreline of the stream.   

Hoan Kiem Lake – symbol of Hanoi

There are many famous beaches there, some of them have gained quite a fame recently such as North Beach, South Beach (whose names explain their position on the peninsula), and Buddha Beach (whose extraordinary name really interests hundreds of people). These beaches take turns to embrace the giant primitive jungle, which houses as many as thousands of precious plants and animals. Under the surface layer of the cool, refreshing seawater live a variety of fascinating coral reefs, which enable scuba diving services to develop in a steady, fast rate in the last few years.

Besides,  if you have more time, let’s visit Linh Ung pagoda (next part) and many other interesting destinations nearby .